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Mission Offering Projects

One home mission and one world mission project will be voted for on the balloting form and announced at the 2017 Convention in Orlando, Florida. Listed below are the two world missions and two home missions that we will be choosing from. The projects not cselected will each receive one-half of the 2017 convention worship offerings.

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For more information on other mission projects, see the
2016-2017 Home & World Missions Projects booklet.

June 2016 – June 2017
Home Missions (2016-2017 LWMS Home & World Missions Projects Booklet)

Project #HM-2016-02 Equipment Fund
When a new mission begins, usually it is meeting in a store front, a local school, or rented facility. Equipment, like tables, chairs and basic equipment supplies are needed. The pastor setting up an office in these locations may not have these basic office items to conduct his ministry. Your gifts will help these young congregations begin acquiring the needed items and supplies which can be used for years to come.

Project #HM-2016-15 Cross-Cultural Mission Conferences and Training
This program assists congregations in reaching out to the ethnic groups in their neighborhoods. Accomplishing this requires visits, workshops, or assistance to encourage and equip the members of a congregation or group of congregations. In many cases seminary students are used to lead the workshops. Your support will sponsor these students and assist the congregations who seek this level of training. 

World Missions (2016-2017 LWMS Home & World Missions Projects Booklet)

Project #WM-2016-02 Repatriation Conferences
These conferences assist returning missionaries, their spouses and children to adjust to leaving a foreign mission field and returning to US ministry, life, and culture. The Board for World Missions considers this program absolutely necessary to help mission families’ transition to their new life. These healing gatherings are possible only when funding is available.

Project #WM-2016-32 Nepal
Since 2002, WELS has been supplying worker training needs for Christians in Nepal. After seven years of biannual workshops, we have developed a Bible institute. The next step is to start a seminary where pastors will be trained theologically and vocationally. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Men often leave the country for two to three years to earn money for their families in neighboring countries or in the Middle East where they work 12-hour days, six to seven days a week. This separation from their families and church family is especially hard on marriages, children, and churches. 

The hope is to teach the men how to conduct a tent ministry whereby they may support themselves and not have to leave their families or churches. The leaders in Nepal have suggested a dairy farm as a means to this end. If every pastor has two dairy cows, he will have enough milk to support his family at an adequate level. He would not have to leave the country or give up his ministry. 

This program is called “Milk for Nepal.” Our national leaders want to bring milk to the body and the milk of God’s Word to the soul. By teaching the pastors the truths of God’s Word in greater depth in the seminary, they will feed their own souls and also feed the souls of their members. Monies are needed to establish this farm, purchase cows, and other animals. Our national leaders hope to teach many skills on this farm as the men learn how to be a pastor.

Mission Projects Resources

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Current Ballot

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Missions Projects Booklet
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