Missions Updates

I Will Go

“If God needs me to be a pastor, then I don’t care – wherever it is needed to make the church – I will go.” This is the commitment of Simon, a South Sudanese student in the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.  Simon lives in Renton,...

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Hmong Ministry Grows

          “The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” (Proverbs 22:9) In 2002, Neng Lor, a WELS evangelist from a Hmong congregation in St. Paul, Minnesota, visited his extended family in Kansas City....

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A Hidden Gem, Malawi, Africa

It’s a travel cliché describing an intriguing place that is little known and seldom visited.  These “must-sees” are often not seen because they are off the beaten track in “out-of-the- way” places. But they are worth the effort. Those who stumble upon...

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Persecuted for Jesus

The Maoists tore down this man’s church.  They told him, “You cannot worship here anymore.”  Then they put him in prison where he was abused for three months.  Once they beat him so severely he was unconscious for three days.  His fellow prisoners told him,...

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Caribbean Congregation and School News

The Caribbean Christian Training Institute (CCTI) is a program designed to train Caribbean lay leaders and local teachers in biblical concepts. Through this program, teachers, musicians, elders, and deacons are trained regionally in the Caribbean.  In 2012, the WELS congregations and...

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Growing up in Malawi, Africa

I moved to the United States at age 17, the summer of 2012, after growing up in Malawi, Africa. Every year brings hardships; every year yields blessings. In some ways, leaving home for work or college is a universal experience. Every child grows out of their childhood home, says goodbye to Mom and...

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A Kid's Reflections on kids c.a.r.e.

Being a member of Grace Lutheran Church has given me a chance to be involved with the kids c.a.r.e. program. We have been doing the program through our Sunday school since 2006. We were eager to get our boxes so we could put in our change. The main mission that I mostly remember was when we sent...

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A Fresh Perspective

We often forget.  We get used to our surroundings and settle into routines without noticing the unique and special things around us.  It happened when we lived in the Caribbean and now as we live in Hong Kong.  But when people come to visit for the first time suddenly it gets fresh...

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Liberty Hill, Texas

I walked back to my car disappointed. Another one of my contacts told me that they belonged to a different church. I had been in Liberty Hill for around two months, and those first couple months were dedicated to following up with contacts that Pastor Patterson had made before I arrived. He had met...

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A Malawian Sister in Christ

Fifty years ago, WELS Missionary John Janosek preached the gospel in a village in southern Malawi.  Among those listening were Martha Mabedi and her husband, Daison. Martha did not know then how God would use her to help build his church in Malawi.   She hadn’t anticipated that...

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... ~ Matthew 28:19