Missions Updates

October 2015

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Grace Lutheran Church of Norman, OK, is excited about the outreach opportunity made possible by LWMS through its Tools for Outreach grant. We have received $3000 and are in the process of putting it to use in a campaign designed to reach new residents to Norman. Grace has utilized a number of...

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Thanks from Russia

Ministry to children has always been an important part of the mission in Russia, especially in the city of Iskitim, where families are poorer and children are looking for free things to do and a place to feel welcomed. What a blessing for us to continue to be able to provide a safe haven for these...

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Praise the Lord, O my Soul

This is a special edition article on a visit to Malawi by representatives of the Central African Medical Mission Committee (CAMMC) “Praise the Lord, O my soul!”1  David had a myriad of reasons to voice such exuberant words. Now, so do Linda, Angela, and...

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... ~ Matthew 28:19