Missions Updates

February 2012

Japan Update from Brad Wordell

January 31, 2012 Ten months after the disasters in Japan, the people of the Tohoku area (northeastern area) are still trying to put their lives together. Many are living in temporary housing. Jobs and income are hard to come by. In the midst of such uncertainty and turmoil we have the...

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Hispanic Outreach at Christ Lutheran in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Missionary Martin Valleskey provides the following statistics from the “Hispanic half” of Christ Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI, for the last half of 2011:    Average weekly worship attendance – over 50  Adult confirmations – 8  Baptisms...

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Thailand Update

Thailand Update: Condensed from the Journal of Pastor Kenneth Pasch December, 2011 In November, I began my second year of service in Thailand.  Thanksgiving Day came and went much as any other day because it is, of course, not a celebrated holiday in Thailand.  But our US Hmong...

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... ~ Matthew 28:19