The 51st LWMS Annual Convention is now history. If you’ve been on our Web site recently, you’ll see it’s full of pictures which record the memories of the convention for posterity. I hope everyone who was there left feeling “RECHARGED” and ready to go back to their circuits eager to tell all about what they witnessed in Dallas. The convention theme: “You Will Be My Witnesses” was carried out so well. The speakers told us about how they witness in their areas of mission work. The workshop leaders helped us learn how we can be witnesses in today’s changing world. 

The LWMS Awareness Committee and Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Committee kicked off the new three-year campaign “Recharge, Reach Out, Rejoice!” This year’s focus will be on "Recharge." Monthly devotions will be available on our Web site. Check out the campaign under the Projects tab.

The Dallas convention is history, and we will now start planning for the 52nd convention in Rapid City, South Dakota, next year. 

One of the highlights of the convention each year is the flag presentation and narration. This year a new flag was added – Ukraine. As I’ve been writing this today, I’ve had the news on. A Malaysian airplane is believed to have been shot down in Ukraine. There were 295 people on board. At this time it is unknown who may have done it. The uncertainty of our times and the tragedy of today’s events recharge us to continue to spread the gospel in Ukraine and Russia. Let’s keep those working to spread God’s word in these dangerous places in the world in our daily prayers. May the Lord keep them safe as they are His witnesses.