The Holy Spirit has been at work in Bolivia through our LATTE team (Latin American Traveling Theological Educators). The Confessional Lutheran Church of Bolivia celebrated its first anniversary in April! The members gave thanks to God for the opportunity to hear the pure gospel and learn and study the confessional Lutheran teachings.

They are also eager to put their thanks into action by regularly attending Bible study. The leaders of the congregation want to prepare themselves to be able to teach others. Our classes move along slowly, as we always have many questions and much discussion as faith and Bible knowledge increase.

And the training is not limited to the leaders – all the members of the congregation are receiving training for evangelism. In our Sunday Bible class we have been studying evangelism as well as practicing the evangelism presentation. Even the most timid members have participated. They have a great desire to be able to witness to their family and friends about their faith.

After learning the basic evangelism presentation, we have also been studying how to witness and respond to some of the religious teachings prevalent here in Bolivia. Some of these teachings include Catholicism, Pentecostalism, worship of the Ekkeko (god of abundance), worship of Mother Earth.

The Word is being preached, members are growing in their faith, people are witnessing to others – all evidences of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of those who hear the message of forgiveness and grace. To God be all the glory.

Kathy Strackbein, Missionary Wife