We often forget.  We get used to our surroundings and settle into routines without noticing the unique and special things around us.  It happened when we lived in the Caribbean and now as we live in Hong Kong.  But when people come to visit for the first time suddenly it gets fresh and exciting again.  

Friends came to visit us in Hong Kong recently. We took them to The Peak to awe them with an impressive view of this sprawling city of high rise buildings.  They were thrilled to see the bargains on the streets in Sham Shui Po and gawked at the high-end shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui.  They tasted food that became immediate favorites and some they will never eat again …ever!  They experienced the Big Buddha and local temples where the air is thick with incense as people respectfully worship local gods in hopes for blessings.  Along the way our conversation often led to stories of the amazing things the gospel is doing in the hearts of people around Asia–how we not only get to support that with the work of Multi-Language Publications, but are also humbled to get to know such tremendous people of faith in each of these Asian countries.

We often forget, no matter who we are, don’t we?  We get used to our Christian surroundings and the routines of life without noticing how unique and special our God is.  Stop for a moment and look at your Christian faith from the eyes of one who realized who Jesus is for them for the first time.  Look into what is happening in a mission field and see what God is doing and the opportunities that await.  Join in a gospel-connected ministry somewhere to see their local impact up front for the first time.  It will give you fresh eyes, or a fresh perspective, at what a great God we have and renew your own excitement about Jesus, our Savior.  

David Kehl 
Multi-Language Publications – Asia, Hong Kong