Half of the 2017 LWMS offerings were given at the convention to Project #HM-2016-15 Cross-Cultural Mission Conferences and Training. This article is written to the women of LWMS by a pastor who is thankful for the gift which enables WELS to host an annual Asian-Anglo Conference. 

Paul Chung, a Son of LWMS
My connection with LWMS started in 2010.  When I knocked on the door of Prince of Peace Church, Thousand Oaks, California, Pastor Found was not the only one who welcomed me.  Sandy, Barbara, and other LWMS ladies welcomed me and my family with open, loving arms. These LWMS ladies became important supporters and encouragers for me during my colloquy process. 

While I studied for my colloquy, the LWMS supported the cost of my travels from California to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) for the PSI program. Because of my lovely ladies’ support of prayers and generous gifts, I became a WELS pastor in 2013.  Then I received a chance to share my joyful mission story of leaving the Methodist Church to become WELS at the LWMS Rally in Santa Maria, California.

The love from LWMS members has never stopped for me.  By the love of our LORD through his sincere daughters in the LWMS, WELS can hold Asian-Anglo Conferences at WLS every year.  Once a year I get the chance to go back to the seminary and share joy with other brothers in the gospel, encourage each other, and recharge our mission minds for reaching out to the sinners. 

In his grace and because of the love from my ladies, I am now serving two congregations:  Apostles in San Jose, California, and Peace, Santa Clara, California. 

St. Paul said, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

I will gladly add to the debt of love to the LWMS, so that I can grow, refresh, and recharge in Christ.  Therefore, I can boldly proclaim the truth to the people around me and to the world.

My proud and lovely LWMS ladies, please remember that Christ’s ministry consists of spreading out the seeds of the gospel.  We are the stewards, kingdom workers, and sowers.  In many cases of our gospel ministry, we cannot see the results with our own eyes.  Therefore Jesus said, “one sows and the other reaps.”

I pray that the LORD gives wisdom and true joy to my lovely sisters in Christ so that more kingdom workers will receive the tangible love and support from you all just as I had, have, and will have again. 

In Christ,
Pastor Paul Chung