The Home Mission project known as the Equipment Fund was a recipient of a LWMS gift at the 2017 Convention in Orlando, Florida. 

When I was first asked to write this article, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. The Equipment Fund has furnished our congregation with some amazing pieces of technology like our laptop computer and projector, but those items are rather mundane in and of themselves. The laptop is used for word processing and creating spreadsheets. The projector is used for projecting images. I think you’d agree with me that this is not the most exciting topic to write about. 

But then I thought about the words that the laptop has allowed me to write. The keys of that laptop were used to write the membership class lessons which allowed us to welcome families into our congregation. The keys of that laptop were used to write Sunday Bible studies and catechism lessons which allowed us to encourage and strengthen men and women in our congregation and assist them in training their children in faith. The keys of that laptop were used to create worship folders which led families in worship and praise, and trained three-year-olds (yes, three-year-olds!) to recite the Lord’s Prayer. And, of course, the keys of that laptop were used to write sermons which proclaimed both law and gospel to countless ears.

I then thought about the projector and what it has allowed us to do. The projector has displayed diagrams and Bible passages for Bible studies which drew people’s attention directly into the Word. The projector has shown movies and sporting events which allowed our people to gather together to provide encouragement to one another and to enjoy one another’s company. The projector has shown videos for Sunday school which proclaimed the gospel in a slightly different way to little ears. The projector was used to present topics to our teens which clearly laid before them what God has to say as they live in a culture which says otherwise.

Walk into any Staples to find laptops and projectors. Office supplies may not be the most exciting of items, but what those tools allow us to do certainly is! These pieces of equipment allow us to proclaim the life-saving and life-changing gospel to souls of: moms and dads, children and teens, newlyweds, and singles. At the end of the day, that is the exact reason why Redemption Lutheran Church is in Watertown, New York. A laptop and a projector aren’t so mundane after all!

Home Missionary Pastor Aaron Goetzinger
Redemption Lutheran Church, Watertown, New York