Quilts for Missions


In 2006, LWMS received a request from a women's quilting group in Minnesota; the group wanted a list of missions that need quilts. At that time we had no requests for quilts, but a letter was sent to world missions asking for if any quilts were needed. We received an enthusiastic response from the missionaries!


Directions for Sending Quilts

To send quilts to WELS missions, please follow these procedures:

  1. Pick a mission from the list below and follow any directions the missionaries have noted. Please note: you do not need to make all the quilts needed; leave a few for other women to make!
  2. Contact Bambi Tuttle, our quilt coordinator, and tell her which mission you are making quilts for, and how many you plan to make.
  3. Design & make your quilts; have fun!
  4. Send your quilts to the mission you picked. Unfortunately, LWMS does not have funds to ship the quilts to the missions at this time.
  5. Contact Bambi Tuttle for shipping information (quilts@lwms.org).

Missions Needing Quilts

Beautiful Savior Early Learning Center
Topeka, Kansas

Beautiful Savior is seeking sturdy quilts for the Early Learning Center. Please see the flyer for more information.


Quilts as still needed for Japan and the victim of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Many are still in temporary housing and appreciate the love they feel when presented with a handmade quilt from people they don’t even know. Twin size quilts are the best so they could be used with Japanese futon. They can be quilted or tied but you may want to consider a low loft cotton batting to help reduce the bulk and weight of each quilt. Warm and Natural is a batting of this type.

Consider using space saver or vacuum sealed storage bags. They are a great way to not only protect the quilts but also serve to substantially reduce the size of the shipment and give the survivors a usable item for storing finished projects.

Each quilt will have a special label sewn to the back of the quilt with the logo of the Lutheran Evangelical Christian Church (LECC), two phrases in Japanese, and a QR Code. What's a QR CODE? Those funny little black and white squares of digitized information you are seeing on advertising. In Japan, they have been used for over ten years. Anyone with a smartphone and the code reading app can scan the code and be taken immediately to the LECC's Web site. Please make sure all quilts headed for Japan have this special label sewn to them. Click to obtain a print ready PDF label.
The sheet of labels should be printed on T-shirt transfer paper or on inkjet prepared fabric sheets. T-shirt transfer paper is available at your local office supply store and the fabric sheets can usually be found at a quilt shop,  JoAnn Fabrics or can be purchased online. Please make sure to print at the highest quality your printer will print. The QR Code must be readable. If you own a smartphone, you might want to get a free scanning app and give it a try! When using T-shirt transfer paper, remember to print the labels as a mirror image and to avoid using an iron on the label after the image has been transferred to fabric.


Greeting from APACHELAND!

"We definitely want to be included on your list of missions (Grace Lutheran Church – San Carlos, and Peridot Lutheran Church – Peridot) needing quilts."
NEEDS: LAP SIZE (45” x 60”) for new children that join our Sunday Schools. LAP SIZE (45” x 60”) for shut-ins and those hospitalized for long term care. LAP SIZE (45’ x 60”) for members or visitors in wheel chairs that attend church services, during the cold winter and early spring months. BABY SIZE (45” x 45”) for little ones at baptism, or any baby in need. "Any amount or size quilts we receive would be used to spread the love of Jesus among the Apache. Whenever we give quilts away we always share with the recipient what church made their quilt. They are always so grateful for such a gesture of Christian love."
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... ~ Matthew 28:19