kids c.a.r.e.

New Project Announced!

2016-2017 Project - Family Ministry for Outreach

Since 2005, LWMS has encouraged children to support missions with their prayers and offerings through a program called kids c.a.r.e. (care about reaching everyone with the gospel). The responses received from the children have been amazing; their love for missions is encouraging. We thank God for his blessings!

Every year LWMS selects a new project and prints mission banks (boxes), informational fliers, and posters (thanks to a donor gift). Often they coordinate with the mission to produce an informational PowerPoint presentation (see below) and provide photos for bulletin board use. Use these tools to share kids c.a.r.e. with your youth. If you develop any materials that we can use, please send them to so we may share them with others through this Web site.

This program is for schools, Pioneer groups, choirs, youth quilting or sewing guilds, teachers, parents, grandparents, and others. In the past, children have supported kids ca.r.e. with pancake breakfasts, lemonade stands, Christmas card projects, and more. Please share these stories with us.

The current kids c.a.r.e. project money will go to Family Ministry for Outreach. Check out the links below for more kids c.a.r.e. information. A list of past projects is available here.

This year, a DVD of information is available that includes the links below. You can order the DVD from the Central Office while supplies last.
Informational Sheet
2016-2017 kids c.a.r.e. Introduction Sheet
An introduction letter for Family Ministry for Outreach.
2016-2017 kids c.a.r.e. Poster
Remittance Form
2016-2017 kids c.a.r.e. Remittance Form
Child Care Parent Letter
2016-2017 Early Childhood Parent Flier
kids c.a.r.e. PowerPoint
kids c.a.r.e. PowerPoint 2016
Additional Resources
See the kids c.a.r.e. folder in dropbox for additional resources including lesson plans for upper an lower levels.
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." ~ Matthew 4:19