Prayer Calendar

LWMS Prayer Calendar

2016 Prayer Calendar
Christ Alone, Our Cornerstone

These popular wall calendars are printed on glossy paper and contain short messages about WELS home and world missions and also missionary contact information. Additionally, each month recognizes missionary birthdays, items to add to one’s prayer list, and a Bible verse to keep us focused on God’s Word.

God has called our missionaries to be his witnesses, bringing the message of the gospel to all corners of the world. He has not called them to serve singularly in this task, but God promises to be with them always. He also commands all of us to pray for all things including support of those who do the Lord's work.

This year's prayer calendar theme is Christ Alone, Our Cornerstone featuring 12 stories that beautifully testify to Christ's influence in our missions at home and around the world. Beautiful pictures, heart-warming stories from our missions, and information to assist you in your prayers for our missionaries are just some of the features found in the 2016 Prayer Calendar. The missionary invites you to learn, understand, and pray for the work that is being done in his mission field. Verse for your meditation and prayer reminders are provided to inspire you to call on the Holy Spirit with special requests.

Each calendar is $10, plus shipping and handling. Order the calendar through the LWMS Central Office or download the order form from the Resources Section of our Document Downloads.


Prayer Calendar Shipping Cost Estimator

1 calendar - $3
2 calendars  - $6
3-5 calendars - $9
6-20 calendars - $12.50
more than 20 - $15 minimum you will be charged the actual shipping cost
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." ~ Matthew 4:19