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Thursday morning - optional tours
Thursday afternoon - registration, displays open
Thursday evening - opening service
Friday and Saturday - mission speakers and workshops
Saturday evening - banquet and entertainment
Sunday - closing service



Thursday - opening service preacher WELS President Rev. Mark Schroeder

Friday speakers include:
Rev. Daniel Sargent, Africa
Rev. Kent Reeder, South Carolina
Rev. Jonathan Quinn, South Carolina
Rev. Keith Free, WELS Home Missions
Rev. Larry Schlomer, WELS World Missions

Saturday speakers include:
Friends of East Asia
Rev. Thomas Spiegelberg, St. Lucia
Rev. Jonathan Bourman, South Carolina
Sunday - closing service preacher South Atlantic District President Rev. Charles Westra


Attendees may register for three workshop sessions. Session One will be Friday morning, Session Two will be Saturday morning, and Session Three will be Saturday afternoon.

Workshop titles include:
Making the Most of kids c.a.r.e. - Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Committee
The World Starts Where You Are - Rev.Jonathan Bare, Pastoral Studies Institute
Circling the City - Rev. Jonathan Quinn, South Carolina
Head-on-a-Swivel Evangelism - Rev. Wayne Shevey, LWMS pastoral advisor
Multi-site Congregations - Rev. Jonathan Scharf, Georgia

See the Convention Newsletter for more information and the Convention Registration Form for times in January.

New this year - The convention business meeting will not be held opposite the workshops. Convention delegates and alternates will be able to schedule three workshops.