2019 - Des Moines

Quick Facts ~ 2019
56th Annual LWMS Convention
Des Moines, IA ~  June 27-30


Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus in the Heartland

Registered attendees:  947
Number of circuits represented: 58 of 60
Current membership:  821 congregations ~ 11 individual members

Mission Presentations
Joel Sutton ~ Multiplying Pure Grace in Latin America, Mexico
Jonathan Bauer ~ Outreach in the Heartland, Good News, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin
Robert Siirila ~ Growing in the Most Unlikely Places, East Asia
Pheng Moua ~ Around the World Right to Our Front Door, Immanuel Hmong, St. Paul, Minnesota
Paul Nitz ~ One Africa Team at Work, One Africa Team Integrator

Worship Leaders
Thursday evening opening worship – Preacher:  Rev. Jon Bare, International Recruitment Director, Pastoral Studies Institute at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary ~ Presiding Minister:  Rev. James Douglas, LWMS Pastoral Advisor
Friday morning devotion - Rev. Matt Pfeifer, Lincoln Heights, Des Moines, Iowa
Friday afternoon devotion - Rev. Greg Sahlstrom, Beautiful Savior, West Des Moines, Iowa
Saturday morning devotion - Rev. Jim Witt, Martin Luther, St. Louis, Missouri
Saturday afternoon devotion - Rev. Roger Neumann, Grace, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Sunday morning closing worship – Preacher:  Rev. Keith Free, Administrator, WELS Home Missions ~ Presiding Minister:  Rev. Paul Schulz, LWMS Pastoral Advisor

"Supporting Our Home and World Missionaries" ~ Mr. Sean Young, (Director of Mission Operations, WELS Center for Mission and Ministry) and Mrs. Kirsten Young
“Stepping out of My Comfort Zone” ~ Mrs. Anita S., Mission Counselor in East Asia
“Walking Together in the Great Commission” ~ Mr. Shannon Bohme, WELS Mission Journeys Coordinator
“Moments with our Missionary Wives” ~ Susan Nitz, Africa; Linda Marquardt, South Asia; and Chao Yang, North St. Paul, Minnesota
"God's Grace Reaching Vietnam" ~ Rev. Jon Bare, International Recruitment Director, Pastoral Studies Institute at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Business Meeting
Delegates voted to approve the three proposed amendments to the LWMS Bylaws.

Thank you to outgoing officers:
President Emily Kom
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Ruth Schmitzer
Treasurer Robin Christopher
Pastoral Advisor James Douglas

Present Officers - 2019-2020
President Cynthia Natsis, Saline, Michigan
President-elect Patsy Kramer, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Vice President Sheila Frey, Mobridge, South Dakota
Secretary Donna Kuehl, Schofield, Wisconsin
Treasurer Rebecca Jungwirth, Appleton, Wisconsin
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Sophie Korte, Torrance, California
Communications Coordinator Trish Babler, Van Dyne, Wisconsin
Pastoral Advisor Jonathan Zietlow, Crivitz, Wisconsin 
Pastoral Advisor Paul Schulz, Safford, Arizona

Sixty-three mission flags were presented on Friday morning.

kids c.a.r.e.
2019-2020 World Mission Project:  Indonesia: Early Childhood Education ~
2018-2019 Home Mission Project:  Kids Summer Bible Camps ~$49,938.41
2017-2018 World Mission Project:  Feeding Jesus' Lambs in Nepal ~ $49,443.57
2016-2017 Home Mission Project:  Family Ministry for Outreach ~ $37,379.45
2015-2016 World Mission Project:  Central Africa Medical Mission Orphan/Infant Program ~ $60,816.17
2014-2015 Home Mission Project:  Children's Ministry Assistance ~ $39,762.96
2013-2014 World Mission Project:  Russia ~ $64,764.55
2012-2013 Home Mission Project:  VBS Camp Support ~ $53,284.22
2011-2012 World Mission Project:  Partners in Apache Learning  (PAL) ~ $81,886.25
2010-2011 Home Mission Project:  Caribbean Missions ~ $80,232.01
2009-2010 World Mission Project:  Pakistan ~ $74,606.76
2008-2009 Home Mission Project:  Peace In Jesus Vietnamese Outreach, Boise, Idaho ~ $61,813.51
2007-2008 World Mission Project:  WELS Mission to the Children ~  $65,158.90
2006-2007 Home Mission Project:  Children and Adult Bible Study Material ~  $12,239.06
2005-2006 World Mission Project:  South Asia Orphanages ~ $13,464.23

Mission Projects Selected
Project #HM-2018-09 ~ College Student and Campus Pastor Conferences - $41,203.99
Project #WM-2018-14 ~ Chinese Outreach Project - $41.203.98
Worship Service Offerings
Project #HM-2018-25 ~ Sudanese Leadership Training Project - $24,309.96
Project #WM-2018-01 ~ Mission Journeys - $24,309.96
Offering Totals
Mission Projects Offering - $132,346.38
Worship Services Offering - $48,619.92

Mission projects to be voted on in 2020
Home Missions

Project #HM-2018-16 ~ Hmong Evangelist Training
Project #HM-2018-23 ~ Hispanic Outreach (general) 
World Missions
Project #WM-2018-11 ~ Philippine Project
Project #WM-2018-24 ~ Mexico Projects

Future Convention Sites
2020 ~ 57th Annual LWMS Convention, June 25-28, 2020 ~ Hosted by Southern Hills Circuit, The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia
2021 ~ 58th Annual LWMS Convention, June 24-27, 2021 ~ Hosted by Heartland and Ohio Circuits, TBD