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Business Meeting Highlights
2021 LWMS Virtual Convention Business Meeting Highlights
Saturday, June 26, 2021   

President Cynthia Natsis opened the business meeting at 10:10 a.m.(CT). 

Pastor Paul Schulz led with prayer.
  • There were 187 delegates registered with 107 delegates present.  There were 41 alternates with 7 present as well as 17 guests.
  • Motion was made, seconded, and passed to adopt the business meeting’s standing rules of order.
  • As of May 11th, 2021, there were 787 congregations, with 60 circuits and 9 individual members.   
  • There was a motion made, seconded, and passed to accept the  7 new members. 
  • Secretary Mary Jo Barnes read the thank you letters from World and Home Missions for last year’s contributions. 
  • Treasurer Becky Jungwirth gave the treasurer’s report and answered questions regarding it.
  • Mary Jo read the audit letter.
  • There was a motion made, seconded, and passed to accept the auditor’s report.
  • Cynthia read excerpts from the following reports: 
    • The President’s report
    • Spiritual Growth report
    • Central Office report
    • Communications report
    • LWMS Awareness Committee report
    • Historian report
  • She thanked all the outgoing board members and committee members for their hard work and dedication.
(Please refer to the Convention binder found on the business meeting page of the convention website for all the detailed reports.) 
  • President Elect Patsy Kramer gave an introduction of Board nominees and results of the election are as follows:
    • President Elect: Jacky Stoll
    • Treasurer: Becky Jungwirth
    • Spiritual Growth/BAM coordinator: Carol Gibson
    • Pastoral Advisor: Andrew Schroer
    • Home Mission project: First Public Assistance
    • World Mission project: Hmong Outreach in Vietnam
  • There was a motion made, seconded, and passed to destroy all ballots.
  • Chairwoman of the Bylaws committee Jill Doering read the proposed bylaws changes:
    • Language changed under membership portion to reflect consistency between other WELS organizations (no direct effect on policy).
    • Section deleted because of duplication and was no longer needed. (no direct effect on policy)
  • Motions were made, seconded, and passed to amend the bylaws changes.
  • Wendy Wright will be finishing out the term of Patty Hirthe as Communications Coordinator.
  • Reminder given that policy for new business is:
    • Submit in writing to the board before January 1st.
    • Board will decide to approve its addition to the convention meeting agenda.
    • Board will distribute all new business to the members by May 10th.
    • Item will be discussed at Convention Business meeting 
(You can find this procedure on page 5 of our bylaws.)
  • Motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn the meeting. 
Meeting was adjourned at 11:28 a.m.(CT).

Respectively submitted,
Mary Jo Barnes, Secretary
LWMS Board of Directors

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