Mission Projects
For a complete list of all mission projects, see our Convention History site.

Mission Offering Projects

LWMS members will vote for one home mission and one world mission project on the ballot this spring. The chosen projects will be announced at the 2019 convention in Des Moines, Iowa. Listed below are the projects that will be on the ballot. The projects not selected will each receive one-half of the 2019 convention worship offerings.


Mission Updates

See Mission Updates for information on previous mission project offerings.

June 2018 – June 2019
Home Missions

Project #HM-2018-09: College Student and Campus Pastor Conferences
Students on our college campuses are often faced with many new choices, not all God-pleasing. It is critical for them to have guidance from God’s Word that is meaningful and practical for daily living. The Campus Ministry Committee (CMC) assists congregations in ministering to college students by maintaining a synod-wide database of college students to help campus pastors reach and serve students when they are at college. The CMC also provides materials for the pastors and congregations to use in this ministry, funding for new and ongoing ministries, and opportunities for campus pastors to grow spiritually, and to network ideas through staff conferences. Your gifts to the CMC will help serve young people on college campuses with the Word of God.

Project #HM-2018-25: Sudanese Leadership Training
There is a need to help sustain viable ministry to Sudanese both in the United States and abroad. Funding for this project will provide financial assistance for the South Sudanese Ministry Coordinator to continue mission field visits to Africa, as well as to furnish various provisions for the overseeing of Sudanese men who desire training through the Pastoral Studies Institute. Future African leaders will conduct ministry in both North America and Africa.

World Missions 

Project #WM-2018-01: Mission Journeys 
Mission Journeys provides opportunities for all WELS members to walk together in the Great Commission. Through church or school volunteer trips to mission fields at home and around the world, WELS members have the opportunity to engage in Christian service. While volunteering at their assigned mission, the learning and sharing of outreach ideas will allow volunteers to explore how they can use their God-given abilities to reach out at home—in their own communities, schools, and congregations. Three churches have already started their own Mission Journey programs. The goal is to have 200 churches and schools engaged with the program by 2020. Funding for this program would go towards organizational support to match volunteer groups with mission locations and the training of volunteers and Mission Journey mentors for each church or school that participates. 

Project #WM-2018-14: Chinese Outreach Project 
This fund supports the work of church-planting in East Asia. While attending Asia Lutheran Seminary, students must begin sharing the gospel and gathering new converts into small Chinese groups. Through a mentoring process and further theological education, these students work to grow their groups into self-sustaining congregations. Funds are used to provide full-time Chinese mentors, online teaching, and travel for face-to-face meetings with mentors. Occasional limited support is given to students who are unable to work at a paying job while studying and working to grow their group into a self-supporting congregation.

All projects appear in the 2018-2019 LWMS Home & World Missions Projects Booklet.

PDF version of the mission projects for 2018-2019.

Mission Project PowerPoint 2018-2019

This PowerPoint was prepared for and presented at the 55th Annual LWMS Convention in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Use this PowerPoint Presentation on the Mission Offering Projects with your congregations. -PowerPoint Viewer download

Mission Projects Booklet

For information on these and other mission projects, request a copy of the Mission Projects Booklet from the LWMS Central Office.

How are projects selected?

Each year a world and home mission project is selected by mail-in ballot. The projects on the mail-in ballot are chosen by the LWMS Board of Directors with input from the WELS Board for Home Missions and the WELS Board for World Missions.
  1. Ballots are mailed to member congregations in March.
  2. Every LWMS member congregation in good standing can send in a ballot. (Ballots must be postmarked by May 25.)
  3. The ballots are counted at the annual convention location just prior to the start of the convention.
  4. 100% of the collected mission money is given to the selected projects at the convention.
For more information on the process, see the mission project selection diagram.
Recent Mission Offerings
World Projects
2018 ~ Cameroon Projects - $37,985.04
2017 ~ Nepal - $39,326.55
2016 ~ Muslim World TV Broadcast/Theological Seminars - $41,529.29
2015 ~ Asia Lutheran Seminary - $38,349.19
2014 ~ Translation Working Group (TWG) - $37,023.19
2013 ~ Indonesia - $37,610.68
2012 ~ Thailand - $31,063.45
2011 ~ Japan - $34,959.56
2010 ~ Information Outreach Project - $35,574.39
2009 ~ Partners in Apache Learning ~ $37,119.87
2008 ~ Mozambique ~ $35,745.50
2007 ~ Novosibirsk Radio Devotion Broadcasts ~ $35,472.94
2006 ~ Zambia Lutheran Seminary Rehab. ~ $34,308.72
2005 ~ Apache Mentoring Program ~ $29,581.05
2004 ~ Vicar for Open Bible Luth. Ch., AZ ~ $35,174.28
2003 ~ Adopt an Orphanage, South Asia ~ $28,054.85
2002 ~ Christian Information Center, PR ~ $29,861.68
2001 ~ Spanish People's Bible Editor ~ $31,505.61
2000 ~ American Sioux Vicar Fund ~ $29,800.56
1999 ~ Lat. Am./Africa Missionaries' Wives ~ $26,983.15
1998 ~ Slavic Retreat ~ $28,822.32
1997 ~ Nigeria Parsonages Fund ~ $24,686.55
1996 ~ Hong Kong Sha Tin Tutorial Center ~ $28,235.71
Home Projects
2018 ~  Caribbean Scholarship Fund - $37,985.03
2017~ Equipment Fund - $39,326.56
2016 ~ Summer Student Assistants - $41,529.28
2015 ~ Tools for Outreach - $38,349.19
2014 ~ Equipment Fund - $37,023.18
2013 ~ Students in Multi-Ethnic Seminary Program - $37,610.68
2012 ~ Summer Student Assistants - $31,063.45
2011 ~ Vicars in Mission Settings - $34,959.56
2010 ~ Multi-Language Publications Projects - $35,574.39
2009 ~ Summer Student Assistants ~ $37,119.88
2008 ~ Asian Outreach Ministry ~ $35,745.50
2007 ~ Campus Ministry ~ $35,472.94
2006 ~ Hispanic Training Support ~ $34,308.72
2005 ~ Mormon Web Site ~ $29,581.05
2004 ~ Hispanic Outreach, AK ~ $35,174.28
2003 ~ Vicars in Missions ~ $28,054.86
2002 ~ Musical Assistance ~ $29,861.68
2001 ~ Language Training ~ $31,505.61
2000 ~ Hmong Ministry ~ $29,800.56
1999 ~ Vans for Ministry ~ $26,983.15
1998 ~ Equipment Fund ~ $28,822.32
1997 ~ Taped Services Fund ~ $24,686.55
1996 ~ Canvas & Survey Fund ~ $28,235.71