Highlights-2018 Board Meetings

Highlights - 2018 LWMS Board Meetings

2018 Fall 

The Board of Directors (BD) of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) met November 15–17, 2018, at the Hilton Des Moines Downtown hotel and the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is the location for 2019 LWMS Annual Convention.

LWMS membership stands at 844 congregations and ten individual members.

With over half of the convention delegates responding, the business meeting minutes for the 2018 LWMS Annual Convention were ratified. 

The BD met with the Iowa convention committee chairwomen for convention planning.

A donation button is now available on the LWMS website.

A BD mission trip to Novosibirsk, Russia sponsored by the Joint Mission Office (JMO) is being planned for March 2019. Emily Kom, president, and Sheila Frey, vice president, will be participating.

Beth Taticek, administrator central office, reported on a joint meeting with Cynthia Natsis, vice president, and Marissa Krogman, JMO, to discuss ideas for more communications and collaboration between LWMS and JMO. Ideas included production of videos for convention speakers and promotional materials. The joint meeting produced valuable results and will be continued in the future.  

The annual dinner for MLC seniors is planned for January 10, 2019, in New Ulm, Minnesota. The hosting BD members will use the opportunity to introduce the seniors to LWMS and to share how they can use LWMS programs and resources in their ministries.

The BD expressed sympathy to the families of Ruth Wollenberg and Shirley Billings, previous BD president and secretary respectively.

Standing and Ad Hoc Committee News

The Bylaws Committee has eight circuits due for bylaws review in 2019. An updated set of sample circuit bylaws is available for the reviews. The BD encourages the circuits to work with the committee when contacted.

The Communications Committee completed the fall Spiritual Growth in Focus, which is available for distribution. 

The LWMS Awareness Committee (LAC) visited one circuit fall rally to present the new Ignite initiative and currently has seven visits planned for spring. The BD encourages circuits to schedule a presentation to learn about this initiative for promoting membership.

BD Decisions

The BD approved changing the Befriend a Mission (BAM) Response Forms to the BAM Ideas Form to be used by reporters to report BAM activities to the circuit vice president. The online form can be used by circuit vice presidents to report unique BAM ideas and activities to the SG-BAM Coordinator.

After extensive research and review, the BD approved technology upgrades for the Central Office as proposed by Mark Robinson-TSR Solutions.

The BD approved expansion of the scope of a previous kids c.a.r.e. project for CAMM infant/orphans to include other programs that benefit Malawi children.

The BD approved maintaining registration fees for the 2019 convention at the same rate as 2018.

The BD reviewed and approved numerous plans for the 2019 Annual Convention in Des Moines, Iowa.

2018 Summer

The Board of Directors (BD) of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) met August 16–18, 2018, at the Center for Mission and Ministry, Waukesha, Wisconsin, and the LWMS Central Office, West Allis, Wisconsin.

LWMS membership stands at 840 congregations and 11 individual members.

The BD reviewed the Green Bay convention evaluations. Attendees especially enjoyed new additions including the missionary wives’ workshop, the Friday flag presentation, and the Sunday children’s service.

The BD met with the Joint Mission Office (JMO). The JMO shared mission updates and convention speaker recommendations and encouraged LWMS members to focus on the mission family when supporting Befriend a Mission assignments. In addition, the JMO will sponsor an LWMS mission trip for two BD members to Novosibirsk, Russia. 

At the Green Bay convention, 210 Message a Missionary notes were collected and have been distributed.

Planning continued for the 2019 convention. Speakers and workshops were selected.

Standing and Ad hoc Committee News

The international bylaws are scheduled for review this year. Circuits that are due for bylaws review are encouraged to work with the Bylaws Committee to complete the task.

LWMS Awareness Committee (LAC) has an Ignite presentation scheduled for a fall rally and encourages circuits to include the presentation in planning for spring rallies.

BD Decisions

The BD approved a new single-part registration form which will be used for 2019 membership renewals.

The BD approved a new endowment fund, Working Fund Endowment, with the purpose of ensuring the organization will remain viable into the future. Until needed, distributions will be reinvested.

2018 Convention

The Board of Directors (BD) of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) met June 19 - 21, 2018, at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

LWMS membership stands at 839 congregations and 11 individual members.

Convention registration stands at 1,436 registered attendees and 1,500 banquet attendees.

LWMS website redesign continues and will be presented at the convention.

Over the next months, young LWMS leaders will continue to be highlighted in the newsletter and on Facebook.

The Lutheran Association for Church Extension (LACE) has gifted $5,000 to LWMS.

WELS Foundation has sponsored the tote bags for the convention.

Planning is well underway for both the 2019 and 2020 conventions.

Standing and Ad hoc Committee News

The BD and committees held a joint meeting. Discussions included ideas for recruiting young people to participate and volunteer for LWMS and for being more proactive with Befriend a Mission (BAM) assignments.

Karen Loftin, Missouri Valley Circuit, and Carol Peeper, Beaver Dam Circuit, were appointed to the LWMS Bylaws Committee. 

LWMS Awareness Committee (LAC) will be contacting circuits to make rally presentations to promote the new Ignite program.

BD Decisions

The BD approved the video created by Wild Rose Circuit to invite members to the 2019 convention in Des Moines. The video will be presented at the current convention and will be available to circuits. The circuit has also created LWMShelpWILDROSE@gmail.com to recruit volunteers for 2019.

The BD approved a new PowerPoint for the flag presentation scheduled for Friday morning at the convention.

The BD approved discontinuing the Quilt Coordinator position. Instead, circuits are encouraged to use their efforts in supporting their Befriend a Mission (BAM) assignments.

2018 Spring 

The Board of Directors (BD) of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) met April 11-13, 2018, at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) in Mequon, Wisconsin. 
LWMS membership stands at 847 congregations and 13 individual members.
Five flags representing new missions in Argentina, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Costa Rica are being purchased for the LWMS flag presentation.
New LWMS items will be available for sale during and following the convention including pop sockets, beach towels, ice scrapers, and key chains with lights.

The BD received excellent feedback for the 2017 LWMS Connections mission trip from participating home missions: Peace in Jesus Vietnamese, Boise, Idaho; and Water of Life, Las Vegas, Nevada. Circuits are encouraged to invite BD participants, Karen Fischer and Robin Christopher, to share their experiences at circuit rallies.

On April 13, 2018, the BD hosted a dinner for WLS graduates and their wives. The dinner was planned as an opportunity to congratulate the graduates and to introduce them to LWMS. 

Standing and Ad hoc Committee News

Joan Meier was appointed to the LWMS Communication Committee.

BD Decisions

The BD approved a theme for the 2019 Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus in the Heartland.
At the recommendation of the Spiritual Growth–Mission Awareness Committee, the BD approved discontinuing publication of the spring issue of Spiritual Growth in Focus and including a spiritual growth article in the LWMS Spring Newsletter. The two publications were scheduled within the same timeframe and the change will allow for greater efficiency. The fall issue of Spiritual Growth in Focus will continue.
The BD approved a bylaws change to increase congregational dues from $75 to $85 per year. The change will be presented for discussion and final approval at the 2018 LWMS convention business meeting. The increase reflects rising costs for printing, postage, materials, and salaries in accordance with the usual cost of doing business. In addition, the BD needs to consider much needed technology improvements and a potential increase in rent due to the recent sale of the Central Office building.

2018 Winter 

The Board of Directors (BD) of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) met January 27, 2018 via conference call. 
LWMS membership stands at 843 congregations and 12 individual members.

On January 4, 2018, a delegation of BD members: Emily Kom, Cynthia Natsis, Donna Kuehl, Robin Christopher, and Ruth Schmitzer traveled to New Ulm, Minnesota, for the Martin Luther College Dinner to honor senior students and introduce them to LWMS.

The BD continued planning for the 2018 LWMS Convention.

A contract is finalized to hold the 2019 LWMS Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. The announcement will be made through a Facebook Live presentation.

An invitational flier for the Apache 125th Anniversary celebration at the 2018 LWMS Convention was reviewed and will be distributed to attendees of the convention.

Standing and Ad Hoc Committee News

Karen Goetzinger, Jennifer Vik, and Leigh McGrath were appointed to second terms on the LWMS Awareness Committee (LAC).

Candidates are needed for appointment to the Bylaws Committee.
The Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Committee has completed the 2018-2019 Missions Project book for distribution.

BD Decisions

The BD approved the flier, “Purposeful Passion,” created by LAC for women’s retreats.

The BD approved a slate of candidates for the 2018 BD elections.