Befriend A Mission

Befriend A Mission Program

LWMS women love missions and the missionaries who serve them. One way this is apparent is through the Befriend A Mission program (BAM). Each of the 60 circuits plus the non-circuit member congregations and the individual members receive at least one home mission and one world mission to befriend over a two year period. The circuit’s BAM Coordinator collects information about the missions and missionaries and shares the information with the circuit. The women of the circuit pray for the mission and missionary. They also send cards of encouragement and sometimes gifts to support special projects or gifts simply to show love to the missionary and family. 

Saints Refreshing Saints found in the Resource Catalog has great ideas for promoting the Befriend A Mission Program.
Would you like information on your circuit’s Befriend A Mission (BAM) assignments? 

Circuit Congregations
  • Contact your circuit vice president for mission information.
  • Contact the LWMS Central Office for your circuit vice president’s contact information.
Non-Circuit Congregations and Individual Members
  • The LWMS BAM Coordinator will send information to the reporters of the non-circuit congregations and to the individual members. 
  • Contact the LWMS BAM Coordinator.
BAM Assignments for 2020-2021 (download) Updated 4/20/2021

For the safety of the missionaries, names are not listed. 
We like to hear all the interesting ways you are supporting your mission assignments. Let us know by filling out the appropriated forms below.

Reporters download the Befriend A Mission Ideas Form-Reporter to complete and send to your circuit vice presidents. Form due by January 15.

Circuit Vice Presidents download the Befriend A Mission Ideas Form-VP  to fill out and send to the LWMS BAM Coordinator. Form due by January 31. 

Circuit vice presidents and non-circuit reporters, for your convenience, you may alternatively use the online BAM Ideas Form.

Saints Refreshing Saints document. Click the link to the file to download.

Check the Resource Catalog for other Befriend A Mission downloads.