SOS - Send One Sister


Dear Circuit Presidents:
If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a convention, you know that once there, you’re hooked forever.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for others to have the opportunity to hear and learn how our missionaries and their families are working to spread God’s Word around the world?  
The “Send One Sister” (SOS) Challenge gives you that chance.
What is the SOS challenge?  The LWMS Awareness Committee is challenging each circuit to send at least one woman to next year’s convention.  Ideally, this woman would be a first-time attendee who might not otherwise be able to attend because of financial reasons.  Without using working fund monies you would assist with convention costs for that woman.  Each circuit will have control of how money is raised and how it is awarded.  It can be awarded to one individual or divided among multiple applicants.  The more money raised, the more options you will have.
How can you do it?  
Announce it at your next rally
Challenge your reporters to go back to their congregations and use the suggestions given below
Encourage all to be creative in raising money.  We’ve listed some suggestions below, but feel free to come up with your own ideas.
Decorate a donation  jar and put it at the registration table at rallies
Ask women to contribute the coins in their wallet at the time of the announcement
Ask for a quarter/dollar for each child/grandchild they have
Have basket/box in back of church and explain what it is for
Host a cookie or bake sale after church
The application can be submitted to the reporter in their congregation, or directly sent to a circuit board member.  

This is a good method to reach out to people in your congregation who have never attended a convention or may not have the means to attend.  It also may be a great opportunity for non-member congregations in your circuit to become involved.
This program can be done every year.
The goal is to have every circuit represented at each convention.When the roll call is taken at convention, let’s have someone standing from every circuit called.
Let’s meet the challenge! Remember, with God all things are possible!!
LWMS Awareness Committee,
Karen Goetzinger, Chair, Cynthia Natsis, Jennifer Vik, Patsy Kramer, Leigh McGrath

For use in your circuit:

Send One Sister Poster

Send One Sister Application (for use within the circuit)