In February, I had the opportunity to represent LWMS on a trip to Nepal. I want to share some notes I jotted along the way in this message, but attend the 50th annual LWMS convention in June for a detailed presentation about this amazing trip.

Notes from Nepal....

Quick note to let you know we made it to Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal where we’ll spend 2 nights before flying to Dhangadhi   Driving is like a continuous game of chicken, 3 wheeled taxis with people hanging out the windows and standing on the back, buses, cars, motorbikes, people on bikes, people walking, goats, dogs, oxen driven carts and meandering cows all using the occasionally paved road.  We're sure The Lord sent an extra army of angels just to protect the LWMS women!!!

We made it to Dhangadhi even though the Maoists had declared a strike shutting down all public transportation. We thought we would have to take rickshaws- bicycle driven from the airport, but in the end our friend secured a vehicle and even police escort to the hotel- thanks to the fact that some high ranking official was on the same plane as we were and the police were giving him safe escort. God is good. We’ll be visiting several of the lay-lead home churches tomorrow.

One of the worship centers

So today was the bumpity, bumpiest ride EVER! We visited several of the worship centers each with between 40-100 members. Most were on some of the worst roads I've ever been on! I tried to post a video on FB not sure if it’s there. The Internet only works when real power is on and it's hard to know when it's generator power......

Enjoying lunch in the foothills of the Himalayas with fellow travelers.

Some attendees at the women's conference.

Final conference day - a favorite activity was making witness bracelets.


This will probably  be the last time I'll write. We leave for Kathmandu in a few hours. The hotel there doesn't have free Internet and it's expensive to buy. Conference went very well. About 53 women, ages 15-60+attended, longest bus ride- 24 hours and at least one group walked for 8 hours and then took the bus for 12. A group from the Tibetan border walked 5 days to an airport only to find it was closed due to snow so they walked another 6 to the next one and then flew here. They'll stay the week for the next bible institute classes Pastor Hartman will .lead. Lord give me the same desire to study your word.
We may never see each other again but know we will share heaven together.

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