The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him. Deuteronomy 18:15NIV

When I think of the Apache Christian Training School (ACTS) and all the worker training programs of WELS World Missions, I think of the promise that the LORD gave to the people of Israel through Moses. Namely that the LORD raised up a prophet, like Moses from among the Israelites, to whom the people of Israel must listen.

I know that the LORD was giving the Israelites a promise of the coming Savior as Peter explains in Acts 3:22. Nevertheless it still reminds me of the purpose of ACTS which is to train local Christians to share God’s Word not only with their family and neighbors but with all people. It exists to encourage and equip local Christians to serve as prophets in personal and public ministry settings.

Currently ACTS helps the congregations of the San Carlos and White Mountain Reservations by offering weekly ministry focused Bible study for all members. The purpose of these classes is not only to review the truths of Scripture but specifically to focus on how every individual can use these truths in their personal life of Christian witness. We often begin each class discussing personal witness experiences we have had in the past week and challenges that we face as we strive to share the Word of God. We talk about when we ought to warn people with God’s law and when to comfort them with God’s promises. Based on what people have shared in class and second-hand reports of our members’ activity at funerals and the like these classes are working.

ACTS also supports the men called to public ministry. The two Apache pastors and one evangelist were both trained through the ACTS program. Likewise ACTS continues to help these called workers as requested. Such help includes continued biblical study, sermon study, elder training, congregational planning, and administrative advice.

ACTS is also training for the future. This past Sunday two congregational leaders preached in our local congregations. These men have been ACTS students for many years and are now willing to present sermons that they have prepared as part of their ACTS training. Also, two young men who both attend the weekly ACTS classes assisted our lay preachers by reading the scripture lessons in the worship service.

So now I hope you can better see why the verse above comes to mind. Ultimately ACTS is all about helping Native Christians to be prophets of God’s Word.

The operations and programs of ACTS are supported by financial gifts to ACTS. Thank you for the support that LWMS has given to make this work possible. 
In Christ,

Rev. Howard Mohlke, director
Apache Christian Training School