Ruth Knoke, Florida Sun Coast Circuit

Oh, dear Jesus, meek and mild
    You came to us a tiny child
You came down from heaven’s glory
    And we are blessed with the Christmas story!
The angels tell of that special joy
    "Your Savior came as a baby boy."
As he grew to manhood, without sin
    On a cross we gained forgiveness through him
Not by anything we will do
    Only by his suffering, death and love so true
Thank you, dear Jesus, our Lord and King
    Our Savior, our Peace, Comfort, our Everything

We rejoice that the Christmas story isn’t just that precious baby in a manger. It is also the cross of Good Friday when he suffered and died as our Savior and rose again on that first Easter morn. That is the complete Christmas story!


Again wishing you the joy of Christmas
    Jesus came, his love to give us
Born in a stable, no cradle or bed
    Only a manger to lay his head.
The shepherds were told by angels above
    God sent Jesus to fulfill his love
His love exceeds any we can give
    Jesus died and arose so we will live
Forever in heaven in glory and peace
    Our cares and burdens will there then cease.
While still here we’ll tell of his great love
    Because Jesus wants all to know of that love!

The most wonderful Christmas gift we can give is sharing with others the love of Jesus; he came to be our Savior in that stable the first Christmas. He came in humility to save all people and take them to the glories of heaven one day.


Words do not express or really say
    What is in our hearts this special day
Jesus came as a baby boy
    Bringing us pure Christmas joy!
His Father sent him with his love
    From his heavenly home above
To be our Savior, Lord and King
    Our praises now we joyfully sing!
As a man he died on a tree
    Made into a cross for you and me
God’s love in Jesus we cannot measure
    Yet it is truly our greatest treasure!

People count many things as their treasures. Yet our greatest treasure is Jesus and his love for us. True, we cannot measure his love, it is too great for words, yet the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with that love and we go and tell others. Thank You, Jesus, for Christmas, for humbling yourself and coming down from the glories of heaven to be our Christmas Treasure!