...the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever. 1 Peter l:24,25 NIV

Some of us have lived long enough to remember riding in a Model T and having our parents tell us about horse and buggy days. I remember when we would dash out to the front lawn to look up and see a plane we heard it overhead! We went from radio to television, Victorola’s to CD's. We had new conveniences such as clothes dryers and dish washers and microwaves.

Yes, life changes every day. Sometimes we think younger folks have missed a lot not knowing how it was "in the good old days". We do appreciate some changes though, don't we? But as our Scripture verses above tell us, some things never change and God's Word is one of them. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever we are told. His love is always the same--perfect!

Reading and hearing the daily news reports we know man's sinful nature hasn't changed either since Adam and Eve brought sin into the world. Some try to make the commandments and God's Word out of date. But God and his Word never change. His commandments still mean what they say when he gave them. We should have no other "gods" above him. Nothing should mean more to us than our Savior. All of the commandments have been weakened or "watered down" by the unbelieving, immoral world.

As our message from Peter states, however, God's Word stands forever. He means exactly what he says. Sin damns! But praise God his love changed all that, a change we rejoice in knowing. God loved the world so much he sent his Son, Jesus, to save us from sin's damnation. It's free for us though it cost our dear Savior suffering, pain, anguish and death. Then came the resurrection and our lives changed when the Holy Spirit put faith in our hearts. Nothing has ever been made or invented that changed our lives like the resurrection has. When the Holy Spirit changed us we became a new person in Christ. And through the Word we continue to grow until he calls us to eternity where there is no sin, pain or suffering--and that will never change!'

Thank you, dear heavenly Father, for bringing us your changeless saving Word and for touching our hearts with faith through the Holy Spirit. May we always rejoice in your forgiveness and saving grace, dear Jesus. Amen.