1 Peter 1:25 “…the word of the Lord stands forever.”    

Hope was eleven years old, very soft spoken and shy. She and I went to our special spot in the country to pray for her father once again. Beautiful and quiet, it reminded me of the first time Hope and I had prayed for her father, and it gave me peace just being there. Hope took a picture of the spot and then I prayed out loud as I had always done with her, ending the prayer with, “Please make Hope’s father a good dad and a man of God.” As we started to leave the area, Hope said “We should get him a Bible.” What a wonderful idea! I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit filled her heart that day with openness to share that thought with me. The joy that small request put in my heart was hard to describe; it was humbling that God would again use me to help do His work. We made plans to go to the big city to do just that, buy a Bible.

At the Christian bookstore we sat right on the floor and looked over all the different Bibles. “This is the perfect one for my dad,” she said. Hope’s joy was in her eyes. Going to the front counter, we were asked to write down what she wanted engraved on the cover of the Bible. I helped her write it out as she spoke, “To a wonderful dad. I love you. Hope.” Hope stood and watched every move as the letters were engraved in silver in the Bible for her dad.

The Bible was to be sent to her father in prison out of state. To follow the prison rules we needed the bookstore to send the Bible in the mail. We got ready to go and left behind the precious gift of the Bible, soon to be mailed out.

Dear Lord, your Word is true and stands forever. We are all prisoners until you, Lord, set us free with your saving grace. Thank you for going to the cross for all our sins. God, you are a wonderful father and we thank you for the freedom we have in you. In your name we pray. Amen.

Alaine Sonnenberg
Northwest Wisconsin Circuit
St. John, Colfax, WI