At three inches high and twelve inches long, our miniature Dachshund does not quite realize his size. Hawks and eagles fly over head in our yard. Often our little black dog will chase across the yard, barking at their shadows in an attempt to scare them from his territory. Little does he realize these skilled predators may very well view him as “lunch”.

When it comes to missions, what is our attitude? Are we courageous for God’s missions, chasing off Satan, the predator? Or are we fearful as we see ourselves small in this big, cruel world?

God’s great love for us, through faith, has given us the courage to be passionate for missions. Living according to His purpose, we can support missions working together with hands and hearts ready to serve and encourage.

There are many ways to use the gifts God has given us.  We can:
* pray for missionaries
* donate financially
* become a Lutheran Woman Missionary Society officer
* sew a quilt that can be given to a desperate child in need
* send a letter to a lonely missionary child at college
* send a handmade card or banner for a missionary’s birthday

It doesn’t take an abundance of wealth or any special training to use and share the skills God has gifted us.

In Mark 6:7-13 God called the twelve apostles giving them instructions to take nothing when they went out and preached. They did not say, “We are only twelve men. What can we do? Where do we go? What do we say?” The twelve had the correct attitude in receiving their calling from God – that of trusting Jesus. On life’s journey, God wants us to be passionate in bringing others to Him and bring understanding of His Word to those separated from God.

Dear Father in heaven, we ask you for an encouraging and passionate attitude toward missions. Help us to face your mission challenges ahead, and to not back down because of fear or uncertainty. May we run the race entrusting the Holy Spirit will guide us in all we do, so God would be glorified. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Alaine Sonnenberg
Northwest Wisconsin Circuit