“By faith Moses’s parents hid him for three months after he was born…. By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He chose to be mistreated….. He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt….. By faith…he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” Heb 11:24-27

When I think of Moses, I so often recall his miraculous salvation from death at the hands of the Egyptian soldiers, his courageous speeches to the pharaoh of the land, his powerful prayers on behalf of the sinning Children of Israel as they wandered in the desert, his incomprehensible personal relationship with the almighty God (hearing his voice, seeing the back of his glory)! And my initial reaction is, “Well, I’m sure no Moses!”

But then I remember Moses was no Moses, either! Not at first, anyway. Do you recall his responses to God’s instruction that he was to return to Egypt and lead God’s people out of slavery? Time and again he had excuses – “Who am I?” “What shall I say to them?” “But they will not believe me.” “Oh, Lord, I am not eloquent.” “Please send someone else!” Wow! That sounds more like me than Moses! Does that sound like you?

It’s easy to think of Moses, Abraham, St. Paul, and other Bible “heroes” as being someone better, someone more gifted, someone stronger and braver than the rest of us. Do you think of our missionaries in the same way, especially those who make great adjustments in language, culture, climate, and distance from family? Do you? Well, guess what – they are the same as the rest of us, children of God by faith who have been called to spread the gospel to all the world. Just ask one. He or she will tell you it’s not about them; it’s about God. Their courage, strength, endurance, flexibility, willingness to get out of their comfort zone – all come from the same God and Savior who paid for all your sins, who brought you to faith, who upholds you by the power of his Word and sacrament, who answers your prayers and guides your decisions.

What’s your first reaction when you’re asked to speak to your women’s group about your BAM missions? To tell your congregation about the convention you attended? To be your church’s reporter? To serve as a circuit officer? To serve on the LWMS board or one of the committees?

Is it “Who, me?” “What shall I say?” “I’m not talented!” “Let someone else do it!” Do you sound like Moses at that burning bush? Do you not believe in the God of Moses—the “I am”? Do you not trust that he will give you the words to say, the mentors to train you, the gifts you need for the work he puts before you? Turn to your Bible and read again about how the Lord upholds you with his righteous right arm, how he makes you soar as on eagle’s wings, how he is with you always, how he will never forsake you, how each member of the church is different but equally important, just like the parts of the body.

Be a Moses for missions! It doesn’t fall on your shoulders to rise to the challenge – it’s God who works in and through you. Trust that he will provide you with the desire, love, skills, perseverance, time, and energy you need to work for him. What we do in LWMS requires God’s calling and blessing, and it enables us to be the dedicated human support for our missionaries that Aaron was to his brother Moses. Be a Moses for missions as you hold up the prophets’ hands!