"When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, 'It is finished': and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost."  (KJV - John 19:30)

Summer is waning and many people, both parents and children, are making preparations for school.  I recall the old song, "School Days, school days, good old fashioned rule days, reading, and 'riting, and 'rithmetic, taught to the tune of the hick’ry stick."  Many decades ago the wealthy, elite families sent their daughters to finishing school whereby they learned the fine arts of being a well-bred young woman so as to attract and marry a man also of the wealthy elite and assuring her of security.

Our Father lovingly uses the "hickory stick" of His Word in His "finishing school" to prepare us for our security in Heaven.  He is the ruler of our hearts!  By Jesus Christ's "finished" work on the cross, and His glorious resurrection, He has made us the wealthy elite in His family.  We are made rich in His treasures for us because of His great love.  His treasures – the Word, forgiveness of sins, eternal life, joy and peace, God's providence, and prayer – become dear to us and are our riches!  We are in Christ's "finishing school" of life here on earth until He finishes us.  It is a life-long course of study!

We women of LWMS have the three R's as we learned at the 51st Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas at the end of June.  They are:  “Recharge, Reach Out, Rejoice!”

How do we “Recharge” ourselves?  By studying God’s Word, by applying it to our lives, and by memorizing it – along with daily repentance and forgiveness of sins – we “let the Word of God dwell in us richly”. (Col. 3:16)  As the author of the People's Bible Psalms Commentary says, “It will be in our hearts when we need it.”

In the phrase, “Reach Out,” I picture the image of our globe inside the letter ‘O’ of the word "out".  We will "reach out" to our families, neighbors, coworkers, friends, the world, so they will own the fire insurance against the hell fires of damnation and eternal separation from God.  We will use our treasures and prayers, and pray for our missionaries' and their families' protection, as well as the preparation of people's hearts to receive the Word these missionaries will bring them.  We will pray that opportunities arise to share Christ's message of salvation and love!  And as our hearts harbor fears, we will also pray for courage to proclaim Christ's redemptive work.  We will give our time, service, and monies, all to spread the Gospel and give God glory!

Then we can “Rejoice!”  We will celebrate the heart transformations of people, and their being in the Light of Christ, instead of in the darkness of this sinful world!  Our hearts will be praising, thanking, and glorifying Him!

This year, until the next convention in South Dakota in 2015, let’s all of us activate the three R's – Recharge, Reach Out, Rejoice!

Priscilla Covey
Mid-America Circuit

Check out the three R campaign under the Projects tab on our Web site. You will find monthy "Recharge" devotions to use at home or church.