"Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see . . . . When he had said this, he showed them his hands and feet. Luke  24:39,40

After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to his disciples in a locked room. They were understandably startled to see him as they thought he was dead. Only later would Jesus open their minds to all that had been written about him in the Scriptures. To ease their fear and convince them he was Jesus, he told them to look at his hands and feet. He urged  the disciples to touch them.

When they looked, the disciples saw the nail wounds in his hands. Those same hands had washed and dried their feet at the Passover meal only days before. Those same hands had broken five loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed 5,000 men. Those same hands had blessed and healed many. Held out before them were hands that showed God's great love.

What happened that night in the minds and hearts of the disciples? Many people Jesus sought to reach had turned against him and his disciples. The disciples may have questioned the wisdom and safety in continuing to tell others that their Savior had come. They doubted and feared.

Then, the Lord appeared in the room! He showed the disciples his hands and feet, proving that he was alive, and thus proving to all that he is victorious even over death. The disciples' doubt turned to conviction. Their fear changed to joy. The desire to hide vanished. All that remained was the will to share the blessed knowledge of the Savior with others.

Many of us also feel fear and doubt before sharing the wonderful message of our Savior with others. As we stand in the light of Christ's resurrection, may we be filled with the same joy and conviction that moved his disciples. May we, too, bring to others the blessed knowledge of Jesus' saving hands!

Just as you called your disciples, Lord, you also have called me. Fill me with the conviction, the joy, and the will to share with others your message of complete forgiveness and boundless love. In Jesus' saving name I pray. Amen.

Tammy Barley
From the devotion booklet “Beautiful Feet” page 10