This sentence “guide my thoughts. . .so I want only what pleases and glorifies You,” is from a prayer I read that struck a chord with me.

I recently went to a Bible study on Psalm 21 based on I have Set My King on Zion: Psalms of the Messiah from a New Song series that helped me to build on understanding that prayer thought as I pondered upon it. Even though this Bible lesson was a bit more challenging, I was encouraged to keep studying because in Isaiah 55:11 God promises his Word does not return empty but produces results. 

As women, we have so many thoughts going through our heads throughout the day. Research shows that we can have up to five thoughts at one time. How is it possible to have all those thoughts be pleasing to glorify God? In Psalm 21:2 it states, “You have given him his heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of his lips.” God knows the desires of our heart and hears our prayers. He has blessed us with godly parents and/or a godly spouse, given us friends that make us laugh, a home to shelter us, even coffee to keep us awake, and so many more blessings that we take for granted. But more importantly he has given us his Son whose heart’s desire was always to save us from our sins. As Christian women, it is our hearts’ desire as a fruit of our faith to do what pleases and glorifies him.  Our unity with Jesus through his death and resurrection gives us confidence that when our sinful thoughts don’t please or glorify God we have forgiveness and are clothed with the righteousness of Jesus.  The only way God guides our thoughts is through his Word. Daily and weekly and faithful study of his Word will keep his promises, love, and mercy in our thoughts which will lead us to want what pleases and glorifies him.