History - Conventions 1984 - 1993

LWMS Conventions 1984 - 1993

Twenty-first - June 29 & 30, 1984

Holland, MI, Hope College

Theme: "Sharing Our Joy in the Lord"
Attendance: 814
Member congregations: 848
Notes: First convention signed for the hearing impaired. "My Mission Prayer Calendar" introduced.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Equipment Fund $18,000.00
World: Training Programs in Africa $18,000.00
Worship Service Offerings:  $4,459.50 to Japan – Expansion of Radio Work

Twenty-second - June 28 & 29, 1985

St. Louis, MO, Washington University

Theme: "Jesus - the Gateway to Heaven"
Attendance: over 900
Member congregations: 865
Notes: Pastor Arthur Guenther spoke about work among the Apache Indians.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Mass Media Ministry $18,400.00
World: Latin America Vicar Program $18,400.00
Worship Service Offerings:  $5,043.69 to Furlough House Furnishings Fund

Twenty-third - June 27 & 28, 1986

Appleton, WI, Paper Valley Hotel & Convention Center

Theme: "Light the World with the Message of Love"
Attendance: 1,590
Member congregations: 875
Notes: Flag of Brazil presented to join the 20 other flags representing places where the WELS is conducting mission work.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Cross-Cultural Missions $19,984.83
World: Brazil Development Fund $19,984.83
Worship Service Offerings:  $9,471.52 Language Grants – Brazil Team

Twenty-fourth - June 26 - 28, 1987

Rochester, MN, Mayo Civic Center

Theme: "Lord, Send Forth Your Word and Heal Them"
Attendance: 1,145
Member congregations: 884

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: HM Equipment Fund $22,290.47
World: Hong Kong Study Centre $22,290.47
Worship Service Offerings:  $9,200.00 to Cross Cultural Orientation

Twenty-fith - June 24 - 26, 1988

Kenosha, WI, Carthage College

Theme: "Wafting Winds, Rolling Waters and His Story"
Attendance: 1,111
Member congregations: 905
Notes: Mrs. Alvin Maas honored for 17+ years of dedicated service as Central Office manager.
Mary Fischer introduced as new Central Office manager.
"World Mission Directory" introduced.
Membership dues raised to $25.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Canvas & Survey Fund $20,357.47
World: Latin America Vicar Program $20,357.47
Worship Service Offerings:  $9,317.59 to World Mission Film and Publicity Fund

Twenty-sixth - June 23 - 25, 1989

Bismarck, ND, Bismarck Civic Center

Theme: "The Silver Celebration of Sowing Seeds in Fallow Fields"
Attendance: 798
Member congregations: 905
Notes: A multi-media presentation produced by John Barber recounting 25 years of God's blessings to the LWMS was presented.
Apache ladies attended convention.
We agreed to have a paid Central Office Manager.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Information Outreach Fund $24,625.34
World: Hong Kong Study Centre $24,625.34
Worship Service Offerings:  $9,196.10 divided between Aid to Antigua and Family-Oriented Retreats

Twenty-seventh - June 22 - 24, 1990

Oconomowoc, WI, Olympia Village

Theme: "Let the Voice of Hope be Heard"
Attendance: 1,510
Member congregations: 908

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Campus Ministry Project $21,910.93
World: Japan Radio Broadcast $21,910.94
Worship Service Offerings:  $11,533.85 to Project HOST (Hispanic Outreach Study Training)

Twenty-eighth - June 28 - 30, 1991

Toledo, OH, Seagate Centre

Theme: "GRACE - The Heart of It All"
Attendance: 830
Member congregations: 910
Notes: A new copier/mimeograph was purchased using Baumann Bequest for Central Office.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Information Outreach Fund $24,929.53
World: Language Grants Fund $24,929.52
Worship Service Offering: $8,722.38 equally divided between the "WELS Campus Ministry Project Fund" and the "Film & Publicity Fund."

Twenty-ninth - June 26 - 28, 1992

Kissimmee, FL, Hyatt Orlando

Theme: "Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun"
Attendance: 485 +
Member congregations: 912
Notes: A special theme banquet was held. Motivation/Leader Seminar held in Miami, FL on Feb. 28 & 29 for an LWMS representative from each circuit.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Church Planters Workshops $25,396.95
World: Latin America Vicar Program $25,396.95
Worship Service Offering: $5,048.76 equally divided between the "Multi-Cultural Mission Fund" and the "Australia Exploration".

Thirtieth - June 25 - 27, 1993

Sioux City, IA, Sioux City Convention Center

Theme: "Praise the Lord of the Living Harvest"
Attendance: 1,033
Member congregations: 920
Attendance: Kids Calendar developed and Idea File started.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Canvas and Survey Fund $23,947.61
World: Missionary Family Retreat $23,947.61
Worship Services Offering: $12,059 equally divided between the "Multi-Cultural Mission Fund" and "Apache Lay Worker Training".
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