History - Conventions 1994 - 2003

LWMS Conventions 1994 -2003

Thirty-first - June 24 - 26, 1994

Milwaukee, WI, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Theme: "How will they know Him, unless we tell them?"
Attendance: 1,197
Member congregations: 928
Notes: "Moments with our Missionaries" (MOMS) is the new name for TOPICS.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Information Outreach Fund ~ $23,642.84
World: Development of Theological Education by Extension Materials in Central Africa ~ $23,642.84
Worship Service Offering: $11,095.95 to WELS Campus Ministry.

Thirty-second - June 23 - 25, 1995

Arlington, VA, Crystal Gateway Marriott

Theme: "Our Heritage: God's Gift of Grace"
Attendance: 717
Member congregations: 932
Notes: LWMS received an AAL Grant

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Multi-Cultural Mission Fund ~ $27,082.15
World: Japan/Malawai Print Shops ~ $27,082.15
Worship Service Offering: $8,557.30 to Telecommunications in Home Missions.

Thirty-third - June 28 - 30, 1996

Green Bay, WI, Brown County Arena

Theme: "Be Fishers of Men"
Attendance: 1,457
Member congregations: 928
Notes: An Circuit Officers' (trainers) Seminar was held on June 27, 1996 introducing a new three-ring binder Circuit Officers Handbook, using the AAL grant to strengthen our roots.
Outreach and MOMS are discontinued.
A new publication for mission news called WELS Mission Connection begins with LWMS mission news as part of the publication.
Beth Taticek is introduced as the new Central Office Administrator.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home: Canvass and Survey Fund ~ $28,235.71
World: Hong Kong Sha Tin Tutorial Center ~ $28,235.71
Worship Service Offering: $14,297.19 to Mission to the Children of Northern Mexico.

Thirty-fourth - June 27 - 29, 1997

Duluth, MN Entertainment Convention Center

Theme: "Send out the Light and the Truth"
Attendance: 1,050
Member congregations: 933
Notes: The following workshops were held during the convention: Befriend A Missionary, Reporters, Bible Studies, Retreats, and one for Circuit Trainers.
New Reporter Handbooks were being finalized for fall delivery.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Taped Services Fund ~ $24,686.55
World Missions: Nigeria Parsonages Fund ~ $24,686.55
Worship Service Offering: $13,332.14 equally divided between Home Mission Media-assistance Fund and World Mission-Literature Program.

Thirty-fifth - June 26 - 28, 1998

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, DFW Lakes Hilton, Dallas, TX

Theme: Deep in the Heart of Jesus
Attendance: 810
Member congregations: 933
Notes: New LWMS brochure distributed.
Business Meeting held on Friday afternoon.
Workshop/meetings: Circuit Trainers meeting, Spiritual Growth Committee, Circuit Officers, Leadership/Communications, Bible Study.
Appointments for the Constitution. Long-range, and Publications committees were announced.
National Officers Handbook being printed.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Equipment Fund ~ $28,822.32
World Missions: Slavic Retreat ~ $28.822.32
Worship Service Offering: $12,056.00 equally divided between Home Missions Language Study Fund and World Mission Puerto Rico Vicar

Thirty-sixth - June 25 - 27, 1999

La Crosse, WI, La Crosse Center

Theme: Soar with His Word
Attendance: 1548
Member congregations: 936
Notes: New LWMS brochure distributed.
Business Meeting held on Friday afternoon.
Mary Jo Riege is introduced as the new Central Office Assistant.
150th WELS anniversary flag was presented.
Workshop/meetings held: Circuit Trainers & Officers meeting, Bible Studies., Mission Banners, Prayer Calendar, What is LWMS?, and Multicultural Outreach.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Vans for Cross Cultural Ministry ~ $26,983.15
World Missions: Latin American and Africa Missionaries' Wives Retreat ~ $26.983.15
Worship Service Offering: $20,605.50 equally divided between "Forward in Christ: Strengthen to Serve" Home Missionaries Conference and the World Missionary Conference.

Thirty-seventh - June 23 - 25, 2000

Nashville, TN, Sheraton Music City

Theme: Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
Attendance: 1068
Member congregations: 927
Circuits: 58 - 3 new circuits formed this year (Tampa Bay - Florida, Florida Sun Coast - Florida, and Northern Lights - Michigan). Southwest Michigan Circuit changed its name to Lighthouse Circuit.
Notes: Business meeting was held on Friday morning. Five amendments to the constitution were passed which included raising membership dues to $40.00 for 2001.
Workshops: Circuit Officers/Trainers, Spiritual Growth/Vice Presidents, Reporters and Prayer Calendar, Bible Studies with missionary presentations on Malawi, Africa, Bulgaria, and Antigua, West Indies with the Steel Pan Band.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Hmong Ministry ~ $29,800.55
World Missions: American Sioux Vicar Fund ~ $29,800.56
Worship Service Offering: $17,777.44 for the Malawi Mission Fund

Thirty-eighth - June 21 - 24, 2001

Chicago, IL, Holiday Inn O'Hare International Rosemont, IL

Theme: Set Our Hearts on Fire
Attendance: 1025
Member congregations: 939
Circuits: 59 - 1 new circuit was formed in Iowa (Wild Rose Circuit); and the Buckeye Circuit changed its name to Heartland Circuit.
Notes: First time opening communion service was on Thursday evening. Business meeting was held on Friday morning.
Standing committee reports were given, updates were given on the WOW Retreats, individual membership and relocation of the Central Office.
Workshops: PMS (Passive Missionary Service) A women's panel on how to maintain interest in missions; CRIME (Creating Rallies for Inspiration and Mission- mindedness Effectively); along with a brain storming session on individual membership. Bible Studies; presentations on evangelism, home missions, Institutional and Special Ministries; work with our Japanese, Brazilian and the Apache missions. A special presentation by Central Africa Medical Missions (CAMM) in honor of their 40th anniversary. Special music was presented by the "Forgiven" Quartet, Lynette Blievernicht, Union Voices of Praise Gospel Choir, the Convention Choir and the Festival Chorus, a group of Apache women from Whitewater, AZ and a special group of Japanese Christians.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Language Training ~ $31,505.61
World Missions: Publications-Spanish People's Bible Editor ~ $31,505.61 Worship Service Offering: $17,266.05 - equally divided between world missions-Outreach in Ryugasaki and home missions-Cross Cultural Ministry

Thirty-ninth - June 27 - 30, 2002

Las Vegas, NV Alexis Park Resort and Spa

Theme: Jesus Our Oasis in the Desert
Attendance: 919
Member congregations: 921
Circuits: 59
Notes: Delegates voted to allow Individual Membership for women belonging to non member churches in remote areas.
Money was collected to provide matching funds for women of Puerto Rico and St. Lucia to attend WOW retreat in Antigua.
Workshops: Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, Reporters, Circuit Officers and Trainers, Spiritual Growth Women, Bible Studies, and Reaching California's Inland Empire with mission presentations on Las Vegas; New York City; Vietnamese in Boise, Idaho; Flagstaff, AZ; Navajo in New Mexico; Siberia; and WELS Mission to the Children in Northern Mexico.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Musical Assistance ~ $29,861.67
World Missions: Christian Information Center, Caugas, Puerto Rico ~ $29,861.68
Worship Service Offering: $16,412.94 equally divided between world missions-All-Slavic Conference Retreat and home missions-Advertising #12

Fortieth - June 26 - 29, 2003

Madison, WI, Alliant Energy Center

Theme: The Son Never Sets
Attendance: 1404
Member congregations: 907
Circuits: 59
Notes: Missionary presentations from Scandinavia, Mexico, Cuba, Malawi, Grenada, and Campus Ministry.
Half-price student registrations offered for first time.
Workshops: Hispanic Outreach, prayer, Multicultural Outreach, Peer Witnessing, Witnessing to Muslims, missionary work in Zambia, and the new c.a.r.e. packets.

Mission Box Offerings:
Home Missions: Vicars in Mission Settings ~ $28,054.86
World Missions: Adopt an Orphanage (World Mission Project #1) ~ $28,054.85
Worship Service Offering: $24,579.27 equally divided between world missions-Billboard Advertising in Mexico City, Mexico (Mexico Project #7) and home mission--Sunday School and Bible Study Materials (Home Mission Project #5)
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