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LWMS Wish List

The following items are projects that the Board of Directors would like to use to promote and enhance the organization. Some of these items will be carried out using the Working Fund if funding is not procured through the Wish List.

  • Dinner for the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior class. This event is used to inform future WELS pastors of the purpose and programs of LWMS.     $2,000.00
  • Dinner for the Martin Luther College senior class. This event is used to inform future WELS called workers about the purpose of LWMS and how they can use LWMS programs in their ministry.      $5,000.00
  • Stipends for Convention registration and meals. This would allow the Board of Directors to provide an opportunity for someone to attend an Annual Convention that otherwise may not be able to.      $200.00/each
  • Standing and Ad Hoc Committee meetings on the day prior to the convention at the convention site. This is the only opportunity the committees have to meet with the Board of Directors throughout the year. It also gives the committees an opportunity to meet face-to-face to discuss any items for the upcoming year.     $3,000.00
  • Board of Directors visits to all 60 circuits. Board members have currently visited over 3/4 of the circuits. These visits are being used to share information about LWMS, train circuit officers and reporters in LWMS policies, identify women who are willing and able to serve on the Board or committees, and encourage a stronger relationship between members and the Board of Directors.     $20,000.00
Send funding for Wish List items to:
Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society
11200 W. Greenfield Avenue 
West Allis, WI  53214-2240
Please make checks payable to LWMS and note which Wish List item you are supporting. Partial support can be given to any of the projects. Full amount is not necessary.
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