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The LWMS is always looking for more women to write devotions for the Web site. If you are considering writing a devotion, please look through the guidelines below for direction. Please note that all devotions should have some kind of mission focus.
  1. Devotions are based on Holy Scripture. (Use one main Scripture to maintain a clear focus; limit any secondary references to one or two passages). Cite Scripture references.
  2. An important thing to remember in writing devotions is to properly convey law and gospel, especially bringing people to the cross. The cross is, of course, the centerpiece of our faith. Not only does it bring us the forgiveness of sins, it also empowers us to live as trusting, loving servants of the Most High.
  3. Subject material should be targeted especially for women. The purpose of these devotions is to promote spiritual growth. Topic and content of devotions should have a mission focus. Along with the mission focus consideration may be given to seasonal topics related to the church year and basic current events.
  4. Devotions should carry a single line of thought supporting the Scripture reference for clarity and impact.
  5. Devotions may be submitted in prose or poetry, 300-450 words in length.
  6. A closing prayer may be included.
  7. Submit devotions to If you do not have access to e-mail, you may send the devotion to Web Devotions c/o LWMS Central Office, 11200 W. Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, WI  53214-2240.
  8. Include your name, circuit and congregation affiliation.All devotions are the property of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society. Devotions may be copied individually for use in small groups up to 50. Permission for reproduction in groups larger than 50 or for grouping more than 10 devotions together at a time must be obtained by contacting us: (414) 321-6212 or

    Include the following on copies when permission is granted: © 2016 Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society. Used by permission.
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