Hosting a Convention

Is your circuit thinking about hosting a convention?

Here are some things to think about....

The willingness and enthusiasm of circuits have made our conventions successful for many, many years. Since the conventions are hosted by circuits, each convention has an unique flair. Hosting a convention is a big job, but also a rewarding joyful experience.

We have a convention planner that will work closely with the convention committee and the convention site to help the local circuit.

Circuits can send an invitation to host a convention at any time by sending a letter to the president. We will then work with the convention planner to determine if a suitable facility is located within your area. Invitations are accepted when a suitable location can be found and secured at a cost in-line with the LWMS budget.

Having a pool of volunteers to help out with publicity, worship, courtesy, registration, displays and meals is crucial. There are some financial costs involved for the circuit. This can vary greatly with the ideas generated by the circuit.

Here are some things that the Board of Directors considers when accepting an invitation from a circuit....

  • The location of previous conventions.
  • A suitable facility that is cost effective for our attendees.
  • Ease of accessibility for the members and mission speakers. (Proximity to airports, parking, etc)

Download the latest version:

LWMS Convention Handbook (Word)