2011 Milwaukee Quick Facts

Quick Facts ~ 2011
48th Annual LWMS Convention
Milwaukee, WI, June 23-26

The Great Commission on a Great Lake  Matthew 28:19


Registered attendees:  1284
Number of Circuits represented:  59
Current Membership: 891 congregations ~ 4 Individual Member

Mission Presentations

Pastor Seth Haakenson ~ Milwaukee, WI
Lutheran Ladies in Mexico
Mission Speakers from Southeast Asia and Mexico
Mr. James Enderle ~ Vicars in Mission Settings
Mrs. Terry Flynn and Mr. Jackson Kalekwa ~ Central Africa Medical Mission

Worship Leaders

Thursday evening, opening worship - Pastor Mark Schroeder, Preacher ~ Pastor Jeffrey Mahnke, Liturgist
Friday morning devotion - Pastor Brandon Wigley, Wisconsin Lutheran High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Friday afternoon devotion - Pastor Mark Henrich, Atonement, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Saturday morning devotion - Pastor Allen Sorum, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wisconsin
Saturday afternoon devotion - Pastor Souksamay Phetsanghane, Jerusalem, Morton Grove, Illinois
Sunday morning, closing worship - Pastor Dustin Blumer, Preacher ~ Pastor Brady Coleman, Liturgist

Bible Studies

"Sailing through the Great Commission" ~ Pastor Brady Coleman, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Mesa, Arizona
"Using Baptism More Effectively for Making Disciples" ~ Pastor Jeffrey Mahnke, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Schofield, Wisconsin  



"Make Disciples of All Nations through Publishing" ~ Pastor Paul Hartman, Multi-Language Publications
"The Great Commission on the Great Steppe" ~ Pastor Luke and Jennifer Wolfgramm, Russia
"Reaching Out with the Outreach Committee" ~ LWMS Outreach Committee
"The Great Commission on Campus" ~ Pastor Bill Limmer, Point of Grace, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"Carrying Out the Great Commission to the Chinese" ~ Pastor Joshua Yu, St. John's Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Thank you to outgoing officers:

President Paula Danekas
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Befriend A Mission Coordinator Alaine Sonnenberg
Treasurer Rose Pederson

Thank you to outgoing standing committee member:

Bylaws Committee ~ Carol Dobrunz
Communications Committee ~ Lois Jenson and Karen Goetzinger
Long-range Planning Committee ~ Carolyn Feltner, Lois Meyer and Sena Bethke
Ad-Hoc Outreach Committee ~ Gloria Knoll, Hali Dessecker, Carolyn Wehmeyer and Jill Doering

Present Officers

President Jackie Hieb, Cleveland, Ohio
President-elect Kay Angle, Lenexa, Kansas
Vice President Bambi Tuttle, Renville, Minnesota
Secretary Jill Doering, Lake Mills, Wisconsin
Treasurer Donna Cook, Lenexa, Kansas
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Karla Jaeger, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Communications Coordinator Susan Fager, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
Pastoral Advisor Brady Coleman, San Tan Valley, Arizona
Pastoral Advisor Jeffrey Mahnke, Weston, Wisconsin 

33 Mission flags were presented


kids c.a.r.e.

2011-2012 World Missions Project Parnters in Apache Learning  (PAL)
2010-2011 Home Missions Project Caribbean Missions ~ $80,232.01
2009-2010 World Mission Project Pakistan ~ $74,606.76
2008-2009 Home Missions Project Peace In Jesus, Vietnamese Outreach, Boise, Idaho ~ $61,813.51
2007-2008 World Mission Project WELS Mission to the Children ~  $65,158.90
2006-2007 Home Missions Project #4 Children and Adult Bible Study Material ~  $12,239.06
2005-2006 World Missions Project South Asia Orphanages #1 ~ $13,464.23

Mission Projects Selected


Home Mission Project #HM-2010-12: Vicars in Mission Settings - $34,959.56
World Mission Project #WM-2010-21: Japan - $34,959.56

Worship Service Offerings

Home Mission Project #HM-2010-14: Cross-Cultural Mission Conferences and Training - $22,740.67
World Mission Project #WM-2010-13: Brazil Projects - $22,740.67

Offering Totals

Mission Projects Offering - $69,919.12
Worship Service Offerings - $45,481.34
Mission projects to be voted on in 2012

Home Missions

 First Public Service Assistance (HM-2010-05)
Summer Student Assistance (HM-2010-11) 

World Missions


Zambia Projects (WM-2010-08)
Thailand Projects (WM-2010-22)

Future Convention Sites

2012 - M.C. Benton Jr. Convention Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, June 21-24 Heritage Circuit
2013 - LaCrosse Convention Center, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, June 27-30, Winona Circuit