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Thursday morning - optional tours
Thursday afternoon - registration, displays open
Thursday evening - opening service
Friday morning - flag presentation
Friday and Saturday - mission displays, mission speakers, and workshops
Saturday evening - banquet and entertainment
Sunday - closing service


Thursday - opening service preacher will be Rev. Jon Bare, International Recruitment Director, Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI)

Friday speakers include:
Joel Sutton, Latin America Missions Team
Rev. Jonathan Bauer, Good News Lutheran Church, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin
Rev. Keith Free, Administrator, Home Missions
Rob Siirila, Hong Kong

Saturday speakers include:
Rev. Pheng Moua, Immanuel Hmong Lutheran Church, St. Paul, Minnesota
Rev. Larry Schlomer, Administrator, World Missions
Paul Nitz, Malawi, Africa
Sunday - closing service preacher will be Rev. Keith Free, Administrator, Home Missions


Five workshops will each be presented three times. The first workshop session is scheduled for Friday 10:15-11:15 a.m., session two is scheduled for Saturday 10:45-11:45 a.m., and session three is scheduled for Saturday 1:15-2:15 p.m. Each registered attendee can register for three workshop choices on their registration form. Workshops are ticketed events and all attendees must be registered for the convention. A workshop ticket exchange will be located at the Central Office booth while tickets are available.

The workshop choices are:

Supporting Our Home and World Missionaries - Mr. Sean and Mrs. Kirsten Young - Director of Mission Operations, WELS Center for Mission and Ministry 
Providing operational support to 45 missionaries around the world and 125 home mission congregations in 35 states is no small task. Get a behind-the-scenes view of how the WELS Missions Office supports the work of all its mission fields - at home and abroad!

Steppin Out of My Comfort Zone - Mrs. Anita S. - Mission Counselor in East Asia
Everything seemed to be going so smoothly in Anita's life. Then God asked her to step out of what was comfortable and do things that were hard and scary. Learning to be brave and do what God asks her to do has made for an amazing journey filled with adventure and blessings in her first year as the Mission Counselor in East Asia. This workshop will help you understand how God is always with you, especially when you step outside your comfort zone.

Walking Together in the Great Commission - Mr. Shannon Bohme - WELS Mission Journeys Coordinator
Mission Journey, the official WELS program for short-term mission trips, launched at the 2018 LWMS Convention. Come hear an update of the program, the teams that went on mission trips, and the impact God had on them and the church. A list of future mission trip opportunities will also be presented.

Moments with Our Missionary Wives - Mrs. Susan Nitz, Africa; Mrs. Judy Siirila, East Asia; Mrs. Lindsey Bauer, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin
While the missionary receives the Divine Call, God has matched him with a wonderful teammate to carry out the ministry - his wife! You will have an opportunity to hear from a panel of missionary wives who have had broad and unique experiences in supporting their husbands' work, while carving out their own niches in their fields of labor. You will be able to ask questions and grow in appreciation for these women who may be considered "silent partners" but have a lasting impact on souls throughout the world. Bring your tissues for wiping away tears shed over their challenges as well as their joy!

God's Grace Reaching Vietnam - Rev. Bounkeo Lor - Hmong Asia Ministry Coordinator; Rev. Jonathon Bare-International Recruitment Director, Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI)
God's grace has opened doors to an unprecedented mission opportunity in Comunist Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has invited WELS to build a theological training facility in the capital city of Hanoi. WELS is currently the only Protestant church with official government permission to work with the Hmong in Vietnam. This workshop will provide you with the incredible story of how God is using our WELS world mission team to reach the millions of Hmong people in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.