2014 - Dallas

Quick Facts ~ 2014
51st Annual LWMS Convention
Dallas, Texas  June 26-29

"You Will Be My Witnesses" Acts 1:8


Registered attendees:  658
Number of circuits represented: 53 of 60
Current membership: 879 congregations ~ 5 individual members

Mission Presentations
Rob Siirila ~ Sharing the Good News in East Asia, East Asia
Pastor Andrew Schroer ~ Deep in the Heart of Texas, Redeemer, Edna, Texas
Pastor Gregory Hein ~ A Church's First Year: A Behind the Scenes Look, Peace, Gilbert, Arizona
Kenneth Pasch ~ It's Just Like America, but on a Different Planet, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Worship Leaders
Thursday evening opening worship - Pastor Larry Schlomer, WELS World Missions Administrator, Preacher ~ Pastor Paul Lindhorst, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Presiding Minister
Friday morning devotion - Pastor Jeremy Belter, Atonement, Plano, Texas
Friday afternoon devotion - Pastor John Hering, Divine Peace, Garland, Texas
Saturday morning devotion - Pastor Nathanael Bourman, Abiding Faith, Fort Worth, Texas
Saturday afternoon devotion - Pastor Kevin Mau, Our Savior, Arlington, Texas
Sunday morning closing worship – Pastor Donald Patterson, South Central District President, Preacher ~ Pastor Brady Coleman, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Presiding Minister

 Bible Study
"You Are a Witness of God's Zeal for the Lost" ~ Pastor Brady Coleman, LWMS Pastoral Advisor
"You Will Be My Witnesses (Acts1:8)" ~ Pastor Paul Lindhorst, LWMS Pastoral Advisor  

"The Reality of Our World Today" ~ Mission Counselor Edward Schuppe
"God's Witnesses Go Out in East Asia" ~ Pastor Jonathan B.
"The Best Four (of Five) Years of Your Life" ~ Texas A&M Campus Pastor Caleb Schoeneck
"Recharge Spiritual Growth" ~ LWMS Spiritual Growth & Awareness Committees

Thank you to outgoing officers:
Pastoral Advisor Pastor Brady Coleman

Thank you to outgoing standing committee members:
Historian Kathryn Banbury
Present Officers
President Jeanne Martin, Saginaw, Michigan
President-elect Karen Fischer, West Bend, Wisconsin
Vice President Hali Dessecker, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Secretary Melinda Sims, Grove City, Ohio
Treasurer Donna Cook, Lenexa, Kansas
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Karla Jaeger, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Communications Coordinator Joyce Schultz, Saginaw, Michigan
Pastoral Advisor Paul Lindhorst, Litchfield, Minnesota 
Pastoral Advisor Wayne Shevey, Muskego, Wisconsin

38 Mission flags were presented - Revised presentation grouped on continents

kids c.a.r.e.

2014-2015 Home Mission Project:  Children's Ministry Assistance ~
2013-2014 World Mission Project: Russia ~ $49,764.55
2012-2013 Home Mission Project:  VBS Camp Support ~ $53,284.22
2011-2012 World Mission Project:  Partners in Apache Learning  (PAL) ~ $81,886.25
2010-2011 Home Mission Project:  Caribbean Missions ~ $80,232.01
2009-2010 World Mission Project:  Pakistan ~ $74,606.76
2008-2009 Home Mission Project:  Peace In Jesus Vietnamese Outreach, Boise, Idaho ~ $61,813.51
2007-2008 World Mission Project:  WELS Mission to the Children ~  $65,158.90
2006-2007 Home Mission Project:  Children and Adult Bible Study Material ~  $12,239.06
2005-2006 World Mission Project:  South Asia Orphanages ~ $13,464.23

Mission Projects Selected


Project #HM-2012-02 ~ Equipment Fund - $37,023.18
Project #WM-2012-29 ~ Translation Working Group (TWG) in Hong Kong - $37,023.19

Worship Service Offerings
Project #HM-2012-26 ~ General Hispanic Outreach - $14,353.44
Project #WM-2012-28 ~ World Mission Seminary Conference - $14,353.45
Offering Totals
Mission Projects Offering - $123,810.92
Worship Services Offering - $28,706.89
Mission projects to be voted on in 2015
Home Missions

Project #HM-2014-01-First Public Service Assistance
Project #HM-2014-04-Tools for Outreach 
World Missions
Project #WM-2014-01-International Missionary Wives Conference
Project #WM-2014-16-Asia Lutheran Seminary (ALS) Projects

Future Convention Sites
2015 - 52nd Annual LWMS Convention, June 25-28, 2015 ~ hosted by Black Hills Circuit, Rapid City, South Dakota
2016 - 53rd Annual LWMS Convention, June 23-26, 2016 ~ hosted by Chicago Area Circuit, St. Charles, Illinois

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