Dallas 2014 - Worship

Highlights of the 51st Annual LWMS Convention
You Will Be My Witnesses
2014 - Dallas, Texas

You will be my witnesses. Acts 1:8

Opening Service

LWMS Pastoral Advisor Paul Lindhorst led the Thursday evening communion service. The sermon was delivered by WELS World Mission Administrator Larry Schlomer.

Closing Service     

LWMS Pastoral Advisor Brady Coleman led the Sunday morning closing service, with South Central District President Donald Patterson preaching the sermon.
Friday Morning Devotion:
Pastor Jeremy Belter, Atonement, Plano, Texas

Friday Afternoon Devotion:
Pastor John Hering, Divine Peace, Garland, Texas

Saturday Morning Devotion:
Pastor Nathanael Bourman, Abiding Faith, Fort Worth, Texas

“He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!” Those were the shouts of joy expressed by the audience in response to the news of Jesus’ triumphant resurrection. Pastor Nathanael Bourman from Abiding Faith, Ft. Worth, shared the story of Mary Magdalene outside of the tomb of Jesus, crying at its emptiness. She had lost sight of the “truth” and needed to hear the clear, soft voice of Jesus for reassurance. Like Mary, when we lose our way, we need to listen to His voice calling our name. We are witnesses of Jesus’ glorious resurrection.

Saturday Afternoon Devotion:
Pastor Kevin Mau, Our Savior, Arlington, Texas
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