2015 - Rapid City

Quick Facts ~ 2015
52nd Annual LWMS Convention
Rapid City, South Dakota  June 25-28

Lift High the Cross in the Hills


Registered attendees:  1074
Number of circuits represented: 55 of 60
Current membership: 865 congregations ~ 6 individual members

Mission Presentations
A Friendly Counselor from South Asia
Pastor Michael Vogel ~ St. Paul, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pastor Paul Prange ~ Administrator for Ministerial Education and Coordinator of Global Cross-Cultural Outreach
A Doctor and Friendly Counselor from South Asia
Pastor Nathaniel Walther, Grace, Minot, North Dakota

Worship Leaders
Thursday evening opening worship - Pastor Mark Schroeder, WELS President, Preacher ~ Pastor Wayne Shevey, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Presiding Minister
Friday morning devotion - Pastor Timothy Berg, St. Paul's, Rapid City, South Dakota
Friday afternoon devotion - Pastor Mark Schutz, Hope, Spearfish, South Dakota
Saturday morning devotion - Pastor John Schroeder, Christ Our Redeemer, Gillette, Wyoming
Saturday afternoon devotion - Pastor Nathaniel Walther, Grace, Minot, North Dakota
Sunday morning closing worship – Pastor Douglas Free, Dakota-Montana District President, Preacher ~ Pastor Paul Lindhorst, LWMS Pastoral Advisor, Presiding Minister

 Bible Study
"God's Mission is Needed by Everyone" ~ Pastor Paul Lindhorst, LWMS Pastoral Advisor
"Holding the Door for a New Generation" ~ Pastor Wayne Shevey, LWMS Pastoral Advisor  

"Giving God the Glory in the City" ~ Pastor Geoffrey Cortright, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"Breathing New Life into an Old Mission Field" ~ Doug Weiser, Nigeria, Africa
"Let Your Light Shine Before Others" ~ Michael Hartman, Latin America

Thank you to outgoing officers:
President Jeanne Martin
Treasurer Donna Cook
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Karla Jaeger

Thank you to outgoing standing committee members:
Bylaws Committee Devon Cole
Present Officers
President Karen Fischer, West Bend, Wisconsin
President-elect Emily Kom, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Vice President Hali Dessecker, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Secretary Melinda Sims, Grove City, Ohio
Treasurer Robin Christopher, O'Fallon, Missouri
Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Coordinator Ruth Schmitzer, Arlington, Ohio
Communications Coordinator Joyce Schultz, Saginaw, Michigan
Pastoral Advisor Paul Lindhorst, Watertwon, South Dakota 
Pastoral Advisor Wayne Shevey, Muskego, Wisconsin

38 Mission flags were presented - Revised presentation grouped on continents

kids c.a.r.e.

2015-2016 World Mission Project:  Central Africa Medical Mission Orphan/Infant Program ~
2014-2015 Home Mission Project:  Children's Ministry Assistance ~ $39,762.96
2013-2014 World Mission Project: Russia ~ $64,764.55
2012-2013 Home Mission Project:  VBS Camp Support ~ $53,284.22
2011-2012 World Mission Project:  Partners in Apache Learning  (PAL) ~ $81,886.25
2010-2011 Home Mission Project:  Caribbean Missions ~ $80,232.01
2009-2010 World Mission Project:  Pakistan ~ $74,606.76
2008-2009 Home Mission Project:  Peace In Jesus Vietnamese Outreach, Boise, Idaho ~ $61,813.51
2007-2008 World Mission Project:  WELS Mission to the Children ~  $65,158.90
2006-2007 Home Mission Project:  Children and Adult Bible Study Material ~  $12,239.06
2005-2006 World Mission Project:  South Asia Orphanages ~ $13,464.23

Mission Projects Selected


Project #HM-2014-04 ~ Tools for Outreach - $38,349.19
Project #WM-2014-16 ~ Asia Lutheran Seminary Projects - $38.349.19

Worship Service Offerings
Project #HM-2014-01 ~ First Public Service Assistance - $23,429.13
Project #WM-2014-01 ~ International Missionary Wives Conference - $23,429.14
Offering Totals
Mission Projects Offering - $131,461.34
Worship Services Offering - $46,858.27
Mission projects to be voted on in 2016
Home Missions

Project #HM-2014-11-Summer Student Assistants (SSA)
Project #HM-2014-20-Outreach to Asians 
World Missions
Project #WM-2014-26-Apache Leadership and Maintenance
Project #WM-2014-32-Television Broadcast for Muslim World and Theological Seminars

Future Convention Sites
2016 - 53rd Annual LWMS Convention, June 23-26, 2016 ~ hosted by Chicago Area Circuit, St. Charles, Illinois
2017 - 54th Annual LWMS Convention, June 22-25, 2017 ~ hosted by North Florida Circuit, Orlando, Florida