kids c.a.r.e.

2019-2020 Project - Indonesia: Early Childhood Education

Ever since 2005 children have been learning they too can play a vital role in sharing Jesus around the world. How? Through kids c.a.r.e., a Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) program. Each year this program sponsors a mission project that benefits children, alternating between home and world missions. By participating in the program, the children learn about the location, the people, the challenges, and the blessings of the selected mission. They also pray for the mission and give offerings to it. God has done amazing things through their prayers and offerings, gathering more than $744,000 in fourteen years from children, individuals, and church groups! We thank the Lord for his blessings!

We pray these kids c.a.r.e. lessons inspire children to be mission-minded for life, to grow up thinking that sharing the Word with friends and neighbors and supporting mission work throughout the world is just what Christians do. Some might even consider becoming full-time servants of the Word, as staff ministers, pastors, teachers, or missionaries, because of the mission-minded influence of the kids c.a.r.e. program. Will you partner with us in this endeavor?

The kids c.a.r.e. project for 2019-2020, will be Indonesia: Early Childhood Education. Indonesia is a country of more than 17,500 islands with a population of over 264 million souls, all who have been bought with the precious blood of Christ but most without knowing it. Offerings received for kids c.a.r.e. between June 2019 and May 2020 will help establish early childhood education programs which can then form a “natural bridge” to bring the good news to young families of Indonesia.

Three days of lesson plans have been written by WELS teachers with activities at two age levels of instruction. These lessons are designed to integrate with the Christ-Light curriculum and are user-friendly for parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and early childhood centers to use. All these new kids c.a.r.e. resources will become available at the Annual LWMS Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, June 27–30, 2019.

“Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples” (Psalm 96:2,3).

Please consider using this program to train the children in your care to care about reaching everyone with the Word. Thank you for your prayers and any way you choose to support this mission through the kids c.a.r.e. program.


2019-2020 kids c.a.r.e. Materials

1)    Master List of Materials
2)    Poster
3)    Promotional letter
4)    Trifold brochure
5)    PowerPoint presentation 
6)    kids c.a.r.e. Remittance Form
7)    Template for the kids c.a.r.e. offering box 

Lesson Plans

8)    Upper Level Lesson Plans
9)    Lower Level Lesson Plans 

Additional Resources

10)    Thumbprint document of PPT
11)    PowerPoint from Upper Level plans
12)    Theme Song (Please, Use Me My Lord)
13)    Multi-Language Publication list of materials in Indonesian language
14)    Indonesian Small Catechism
15)    Statistical Information about Indonesia
16)    Lesson Resources
b.    Maps of Indonesia (3)
1. Map 1
2. Map 2
3. Map 3
d.    Pictures 

                Promotional Sheet 

             Parent Letter

             Remittance Form

kids c.a.r.e. Offerings History

World Mission Project - Indonesia: Early Childhood Education ~ 
Home Mission Project - Kids Summer Bible Camps ~ $49,938.41
World Mission Project - Nepal ~ $49,443.57
Home Mission Project - Family Ministry for Outreach ~ $37,379.45
World Mission Project - CAMM Orphan/Infant Project ~ $60,816.17
Home Mission Project - Children's Ministry Assistance ~ $39,762.96
World Mission Project - Russia ~ $64,764.55
          Home Mission Project - VBS Camp Support ~ $53,284.22
World Mission Project - Partners in Apache Learning  (PAL) ~ $81,886.25
Home Mission Project - Caribbean Missions ~ $80,232.01
World Mission Project - Pakistan ~ $74,606.76
Home Mission Project - Peace In Jesus Vietnamese Outreach, Boise, Idaho ~ $61,813.51
World Mission Project -WELS Mission to the Children ~  $65,158.90
Home Mission Project -Children and Adult Bible Study Material ~  $12,239.06
World Project - South Asia Orphanages ~ $13,464.23
 Total ~ $744,790.05