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Mission Offering Projects

One home mission and one world mission project will be voted for on the balloting form and announced at the 2018 Convention in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Listed below are the two world missions and two home missions that we will be choosing from. The projects not cselected will each receive one-half of the 2018 convention worship offerings.

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For more information on other mission projects, see the
2016-2017 Home & World Missions Projects booklet.

June 2017 – June 2018
Home Missions (2016-2017 LWMS Home & World Missions Projects Booklet)

Project #HM-2016-14: Caribbean Scholarship Fund
Since the 1970s, English-speaking WELS missions in the Caribbean have benefited from receiving called workers through the WELS worker training system. As the mission congregations grew, it became apparent that Caribbean students and staff could also benefit from the synodical worker training system. In order to meet the national churches’ need for highly trained workers in three congregations, three schools, and a high school planned for future development, more Caribbean people must be prepared for service. Many gifted Caribbean candidates are already waiting to begin or further their study for full-time gospel ministry, whether as pastors or as teachers. Among the 1,000 Caribbean Lutherans, the plan for training future leaders capitalizes on one great blessing—strong youth ministries at St. John’s, Antigua; Grace, Grenada; and Trinity, St. Lucia. The WELS national churches in the Caribbean all have access to the synod’s worker training college and seminary. Contributions to the scholarship fund will ensure that more Caribbean students receive this training and return to their homeland to continue teaching and preaching the saving gospel message.

Project #HM-2016-01: First Public Service Assistance
The Board for Home Missions authorizes the start of new missions. After those missions receive a pastor, planning takes place for the first worship service. Advertising materials, mailings, pamphlets, bulletins) and welcome signs all need to be produced. Creative ways to get the word out to the community may incur additional costs. Because new mission congregations need their first worship service to be well-received and to extend a warm invitation to the community, your gifts will help fund these necessary preparations and encourage those who, with God’s help, spend countless hours working to make the new mission a reality.

World Missions (2016-2017 LWMS Home & World Missions Projects Booklet)

Project #WM-2014-07: Cameroon Projects
Before the government allowed resident missionaries in Cameroon, visiting missionaries trained several men. The first resident missionaries arrived in 1995, spent four years training a seminary class, and graduated 15 pastors. Currently eight national pastors and 12 certified assistants serve 31 congregations and two preaching stations. The present missionary arrived with his wife in September 2014. The Lutheran Church of Cameroon continues to develop programs which will help establish a strong confessional church, and yet several projects still need funding. Gifts to Cameroon Projects will help provide roofing and small repairs to worship facilities and parsonages, furnishings at the seminary, books, Bibles, provisions for students and their families, and uniforms for women’s ministry workers to help identify them as LCC members.

Project #WM- 2016-34: Academia Cristo
Throughout history, Christians have capitalized on new means of communication provided by God to share the gospel with as many as possible. The Apostle Paul wrote letters and enjoyed relatively safe inter-city travel. Martin Luther’s works spread far and wide due to the revolutionary printing press. Today most people in Latin America have access to smartphones and the Internet. Academia Cristo seeks to maximize these everyday communication technologies in order to train and empower people to plant on-the-ground churches that faithfully proclaim God’s name. Academia Cristo’s Facebook page has received over 400,000 likes. Movies, worship resources, and Bible studies have been downloaded over 200,000 times. Missionaries and national church leaders are training over 80 leaders, using both online and face-to-face means.

Mission Projects Resources

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