2013 Hotel Accommodations

Hotel Information for La Crosse Convention

LWMS is expecting a large turn out in La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 27-30, 2013, to celebrate its 50th convention. We hope all of you can attend! The organization has reserved room blocks at many hotels in the city. You can reserve rooms now through the convention website. Please books rooms as soon as possible for the best availability. The LWMS room block is currently only 32% full, so many rooms are still available.

However, only a limited number of rooms are within walking distance to the hotel. Bus groups are encouraged to use their bus as a shuttle for the weekend. LWMS is unable to provide shuttles.

If you are travelling with just one other person, you might be able to find a closer room by sharing a king bed. If you don't find your first choice hotel available, please remember that plans do change and cancellations happen, you may want to check back periodically to see if the room you want becomes available.

If you do need to stay a few minutes away, parking at the outlying hotels is FREE, and there is plenty of parking near the convention center that is either free or at a low 50¢ an hour. If you stay at an outlying hotel you are probably paying less per night per room to boot.

If you are holding a few rooms in your name and won't use all of them, please release them by February 15 to give other people a chance to book rooms in our room block.

This year you are not required to use our hotel booking website. You can try to find a better deal on your own by contacting other hotels.

Please use the following guidelines:

  • Book your room early
  • Consider staying in one of the outlying hotels if you are mobile
  • Do not book a number of rooms for people that haven't yet committed to attending
  • If you do have an extra room, PLEASE release it by mid February to allow someone else a chance to use it.
  • Contact LWMS Central Office if lack of hotel accommodations will prevent you from attending the convention. They will try to help you if possible.
See you in June! It's a golden opportunity to set a record for convention registration in 2013.

LWMS Board of Directors
Jackie Hieb, President
November 8, 2012