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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When is the convention?
The LWMS convention is always the last full weekend in June.

How do I volunteer to help?
You can volunteer to help at a convention by contacting the convention co-chairs. Contact information for the co-chairs can be found on the convention website and in the convention newsletter.

How is the location selected?
LWMS accepts invitations from circuits to host a convention. The board of directors will discuss and conditionally accept an invitation. The convention planner will do the facility search within the area of that circuit and share possible convention sites with the board. The convention planner, Central Office representative, and a board member will do a site visit at possible convention sites. The convention planner and board work with the site to format the contract. Once a contract has been signed the location is announced to LWMS members.

What do people wear to convention?
Most people wear business casual clothing to the convention. Some people where clothing native to the area that they reside. In the large room setting, temperatures may fluctuate during the course of the day, please dress in layers, bring a wrap or sweater.

Will the hotel/convention center have a wheelchair that I can use?
No. While the facility may have a wheelchair available for short-term use, no one should assume that a wheelchair will be available for their private use. If a wheelchair is needed, attendees should contact wheelchair rental agencies in the convention area to make arrangements to rent a wheelchair or scooter prior to coming to the convention.


Why are meals included in the registration fee?
LWMS contracts with convention facilities are based on room nights booked through the convention hotels and food and beverage minimums with the facility catering service. In order to make sure that we meet our minimum contract requirements, three meals are built into the cost of the convention registration.

Does LWMS offer a one-day registration price?
No. Convention worship services are free and open to the public, but anymore attending either or both Friday and Saturday must pay the complete registration amount.

What is included in the registration fee?
The registration fee includes admittance into all general sessions on Friday and Saturday, three meals – lunch on Friday and Saturday and dinner on Saturday, a ticket for one workshop in each workshop session, entrance into the convention display areas, and a convention tote bag and binder.

What does LWMS do with the money collected for registrations?
LWMS uses registration money to pay for the convention facilities, food and beverage charges, audio-visual equipment rental and staffing, material printing, tote bags, missionary, speaker, and guest registrations and honorariums.

Do I have to register my children?
Yes. Children over the age of two must register if attending sessions on Friday and Saturday. We offer a child rate for children between the ages of 2 and 12 and a student rate for children over the age of 12 who are in school.

How do I qualify for the student registration rate?
Any full-time student over the age of 12 can register at the student rate.

My family only intends to attend the worship services, do they need to register?
No. If a person only attends the opening worship service on Thursday evening or the closing worship service on Sunday, no registration is required. Everyone attending on Friday or Saturday must register for the convention.

I’m volunteering to help at convention, do I need to pay the registration?
Yes, for the most part, all volunteers are required to register for the convention. LWMS hopes that you would attend the entire convention rather than volunteer for part of it and leave. If you do not wish to register, please volunteer for duties on Thursday or Sunday.

What if I have special dietary needs?
When filling out the registration form, please refer to the menu included in the convention newsletter. Select the best choice to meet your dietary needs, but in the box provided, please address your specific concerns. The convention planner with the chef will plan a meal that meets your need. Please let the convention planner know what you can eat. If a special meal is needed, you will receive a special meal ticket in your registration envelope.

What do I need to do to cancel my registration?
If you need to cancel your convention registration, you can contact LWMS Central Office by phone, 414-321-6212, or email, centraloffice@lwms.org, by June 15th for a full refund. Refunds requested after June 15th may be given in the case of an emergency pending board approval but may require an amount withheld to cover any costs incurred by LWMS on behalf of the attendee (i.e. meals cost after guarantees have been given).

Why is there a choir music fee?
The choir fee is used to purchase the music for the choir. The music will either be mailed out before the convention or passed out at the first choir rehearsal.
Who can sing in the choir?
Any woman who is registered for the convention who is a confirmed member of a WELS congregation or a congregation in fellowship with WELS may register to sing in the choir.

When does the choir rehearse?
The choir typically sings at both the opening and closing services. Rehearsals are usually scheduled for Thursday and Friday afternoon. See the convention binder and website for the exact times.

Travel and Accommodations

Are there buses to the convention?
LWMS does not arrange for any buses to the convention, however, some circuits and other people do organize bus trip. Any information regarding buses that is provided to the LWMS Central Office will be posted on the convention website as soon as it is received.

Is it important to stay at the official convention hotels?
Yes. LWMS has guarantees for the number of room nights reserved and greatly appreciate  attendees booking rooms in the appointed hotels. The organization pays for rooms if the guaranty isn’t met. The convention hotels are chosen for proximity to the convention center. 

Why is my credit card charged a deposit when I book a room at the convention hotel?
LWMS would like to ensure that attendees only book the number of rooms that they personally need rather than booking several rooms only to cancel them later. A one-night deposit is charged for each room at the time of booking.

When does the convention room block open?
The convention room block will open for reservations after the convention newsletter is mailed in January. This gives new people a chance to reserve rooms at the same time as long-time attendees. Information on the room block will be in the convention newsletter and on the convention website.

How can I find a roommate?
If you would like to find people with whom to share room costs, contact LWMS Central Office by e-mail, centraloffice@lwms.org, and let us know what your preferences. LWMS compiles a list and tries to match people whenever possible. Whenever possible LWMS will provide you with potential roommates with whom you can follow up.

Where do I park my car?
Parking information will be included in the confirmation letter. The confirmation letter is sent after May 1st to everyone that is registered by May 1st. Parking information will also be on the convention website.

Where do I park my RV?
Special arrangements may need to be made with the convention center if you intend to park a RV at the convention center. Please contact Central Office for more information.

Convention Agenda and Practices

Where does the offering money go? 
Any money placed in the offering plate during the worship services will be divided between the home and world mission projects that were not selected by the membership to receive the annual mission offering. 

I didn’t have my money ready at the time of the offering collection during the service, but I would still like to contribute to the mission projects. How do I do that?
You can give your service offering to the LWMS Central Office staff with the instruction to add it to the service offering at any time during the convention.

How are the convention speakers chosen?
The LWMS Board of Directors selects the convention speakers and workshop topics at their summer meeting (August). WELS mission office and the hosting circuit provide suggestions for speakers.

How do I get a display table or sales space at convention?
If you are an organization affiliated with WELS that desires to have a table in the display room, please contact the LWMS Central Office in January to obtain a copy of the display application, guidelines, and fees. The deadline for applications will be in March.

How do the meals work?
You will find tickets for the meals in your registration envelope. At the designated time and place, turn your ticket in to the ticket taker at the door and follow instructions to be seated at a table. Tables will be filled in before another table is started. Any special instructions for meals will be presented in the binder and by the LWMS president.

If it is announced that the banquet will having reserved seats, you will need to collect a table sticker for your banquet from the banquet seating table near registration area prior to the time of the banquet. Banquet tables have ten seats. Have one person in your group gather everyone’s banquet ticket and take them to the banquet seating table. The volunteers at the table will put a sticker on each ticket for the same table as long as space is available. Banquet table times will be listed in the convention binder.

What if I want to sit with my friends for meals?
If you would like to sit with friends, arrange to meet them prior to heading to the meal location and go into the room together.

Can I switch workshop tickets during the convention?
Yes, the Central Office booth will offer a workshop ticket exchange for any workshop that have tickets available.

If I can’t stay for the Saturday banquet, can I get a refund?
    No, the banquet is part of the registration package and can’t be refunded.

Where is the tour desk?
Information on the tour desk will be announced through the confirmation letter and posted on the convention website.

When will the flags procession, presentation, or recession be?
The mission flags procession will be directly before the opening service on Thursday evening. A short presentation of the flags is scheduled for Friday morning prior to the morning devotion. The flag recessional will be Sunday morning after the closing service.

If you don't find your question in this list, ask Central Office!