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Each year the Board of Directors approves a catalog prepared by the LWMS Spiritual Growth-Mission Awareness Committee that lists free items, items that can be purchased, and items that are loaned out for rallies and mission events. These items range from flags to skits, Bible studies to brochures and everything in-between. Many great ideas come from our members using a Resource Idea Form and they are appreciated. The challenge is finding a way to reproduce them to pass on to others. When this is done, these items are added to the catalog.

The catalog is published in the August/September time frame. A listing of our world and home missionaries may be found in the Prayer Calendar.

In addition to what LWMS has to offer, WELS has a number of resources with information on our mission endeavors. Near the end of the catalog there is a listing of contacts for these resources.

LWMS charges a minimum shipping charge for all orders, even for free items. Actual shipping costs are charged. Additionally, all items are shipped on Fridays only. Items available electronically may be ordered by e-mailing the LWMS Central Office. Some items in the catalog can be downloaded from download section at the bottom of the page.

All materials in LWMS publications (devotion booklets, prayer publications, history book, etc.) are the property of LWMS and may not be reproduced without the permission of LWMS. Permission for reproduction may be obtained by contacting the LWMS Central Office.
Resource Catalog
Check out both free and reasonably prices items for your personal and congregational needs. (pdf format) Download the catalog for a complete listing of all items available. Some of the items for sale are pictured below. Items available for download can be found below also.

Resource Item Form
Have an idea for our catalog? Download and fill out this form and send it in! (pdf format)

Resource Items for Sale

Current items available through the Resource Catalog. Contact Central Office to order.

2022 Prayer Calendar - ($10) Item #4002-20

2021 Prayer Calendar - ($5) Sale! 

LWMS Mousepads - ($5) Item #1032

LWMS Socks ($10) Item # 1033-M for Small/Medium (fits women's 6-9) or 1033-L for Large (fits women's 9-12)

LWMS Mission Photo Cards ($10 for 8) Item #1034

LWMS Blanket ($15) Item #1027

LWMS Umbrella - ($12) Item #1028

Pop Socket - ($10) Item #1030

Notebook -($5) Item #1026

Ice Scraper - $3 Item #1031

Engraved Pin - ($8) Item #1015

Stamped Pin in Gold or Silver - ($3) Item #1014

Stickers - various sizes - ($1.50 a sheet) 
Large - Item #1012
Small - Item #1013
Round - Item #1019

Poster Easels - LWMS or Befriend A Mission - ($5)
LWMS -  Item #1022
BAM - Item #2004

Mission Boxes - (12 for $6) Item #1002

Offering Envelopes - (50 for $3.50) Item #1003

Pen - ($1) Item #1025

Pill Box - ($2) Item#1007

Anniversary History - Book & DVD  - ($5)
Item #4008


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