Circuit Rallies
Rallies are semi-annual gatherings where mission-minded women come together to encourage one another in spiritual growth and mission awareness. They are usually held in the spring and the fall. These are a wonderful opportunity to meet or join with women for worship, fellowship, and learning about missions at home and around the world.

There are 60 LWMS circuits and each circuit has the latitude to organize their circuit gatherings as will work best in their area. Some start with a Bible study while others enjoy hearing a mission speaker followed by study of the Word. While a business meeting is essential to conducting the business of the organization, the time is kept to a minimum to allow for more time to focus on mission and spiritual growth.

Circuit Rally Dates - Spring 2020

Please see the Calendar for more information regarding your rally.

Circuit Name 2020 Dates
Alpha 4-18-20 Cancelled
Beaver Dam 4-18-20 Cancelled
Black Hills 4-25-20 Cancelled
Capitol 4-18-20 Cancelled
Cascade 5-16-20 Cancelled
Central Dakota 5-30-20 Cancelled
Chicago Area 4-25-20 Cancelled
Crow River 4-25-20 Cancelled
Dodge-Washington 4-18-20 Cancelled
Evergreen 5-2-20 Cancelled
Flint Area 4-19-20 Cancelled
Florida Sun Coast 3-14-20
Freedom 4-25-20 Cancelled
Golden West 3-14-20
Grand Canyon-East 3-28-20 Cancelled
Grand Canyon-West 4-18-20 Cancelled
Great River 4-25-20 Cancelled
Hannah 4-19-20 Cancelled
Heart of Texas 3-7-20
Heartland 3-28-20 Cancelled
Heritage 4-25-20 Cancelled
Hiawatha Valley 4-18-20 Cancelled
Lake Shore 3-28-20 Cancelled
Lake Superior 4-25-20 Cancelled
Lighthouse 4-25-20 Cancelled
Mid-America 4-25-20 Cancelled
Mid-Michigan 4-18-20 Cancelled
Milwaukee Metro-North 4-25-20 Cancelled
Milwaukee Metro-South 4-25-20 Cancelled
Minnekota 4-4-20 Cancelled
Minnesota Valley 4-18-20 Cancelled
Missouri Valley 4-18-20 Cancelled
Nebraska Central Plains 4-18-20 Cancelled
Nebraska-Iowa 4-4-20 Cancelled
North Florida 3-14-20 Cancelled
Northwest Wisconsin 4-18-20 Cancelled
Northwoods 4-25-20 Cancelled
Ohio 3-28-20 Cancelled
Pacific Southwest 3-7-20
Paperland 4-18-20 Cancelled
Red River 4-18-20 Cancelled
Redwood 4-25-20 Cancelled
Rock River 4-25-20 Cancelled
Rocky Mountain 4-25-20 Cancelled
Rosebud 4-18-20 Cancelled
St. Croix 4-18-20 Cancelled
Scenic Coulee 4-23-20 Cancelled
Scenic South Central 4-16-20 Cancelled
Shoreline 4-25-20 Cancelled
Southern Hills 4-25-20 Cancelled
Southern Lakes 5-16-20 Cancelled
Tampa Bay 3-7-20
Texas Gulf Coast 4-18-20 Cancelled
Thumb 3-14-20 Cancelled
Upper Mississippi 4-25-20 Cancelled
Wild Rose 4-18-20 Cancelled
Winnebago 4-25-20 Cancelled
Winona 4-18-20 Cancelled
Wisconsin River Valley 4-18-20 Cancelled
Wolf River 4-25-20 Cancelled