Communications (standing) Committee
 Led By: Trish Babler

What does this committee do?

  • Writes, edits, and publishes the Convention, Spring, and Fall Newsletters.
  • Edits and publishes the convention binder.
  • Writes, edits, and publishes the LWMS, BAM, and Individual Membership brochures.
  • Edits and publishes the LWMS Home and World Mission Projects booklet.
  • Writes articles for other publications as requested by the board of directors.
  • Works on other projects as directed by the board of directors.

Who's on the committee?

  • Committee members are appointed by and serve at the direction of the board of directors.
  • Members are appointed to a three-year term and may serve one more additional term for a total of no more than six consecutive years.
  • Application forms for this committee are available from the LWMS Central Office.
  • All LWMS members are eligible for this committee.
Committee Members: Trish Babler, Kristen Smith, 

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news... ~ Isaiah 52:7