LWMS Awareness (Ad hoc) Committee
 Led By: Karen Goetzinger

What does this committee do?

  • Suggest and develop ways to help maintain member retention.
  • Suggest and develop ways to promote LWMS to member congregations, non-member congregations and other special groups.  
  • Provide the board of directors with long-range goals for the organization and suggest ways to carry out these goals.  
  • Assist circuits in LWMS outreach activities within their area. 

Who will be on this committee?

  • Committee members are appointed by and serve at the direction of the board of directors.
  • This is an ad hoc committee with a term of three years. The board of directors will evaluate the committee after that time. Members will be appointed for a three-year term with the option for one reappointment if the committee's term is extended. Reappointment terms of service will be staggered to achieve continuity on the committee.   
  • Application forms for these committees are available from the LWMS Central Office.
  • All LWMS members are eligible for these committees.
  • The LWMS President-elect will serve on this committee.
Committee Members: Karen Goetzinger, Jennifer Vik, Patsy Kramer, Leigh McGrath, Cynthia Natsis

Other LWMS Committees

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